So today Drew scared the crap out of me.
“Mom, there’s something crawling up your arm.”
I look down, and don’t see anything. Scary.
“Right there,” he points.
I look down, and still nothing, at which point my hubby says, “You better stand up.”
Yes, I’m thinking, I should, who knows what it is and where it is. Drew comes over and points to the thing that is crawling up my arm. It’s my big signature mole on my shoulder. Phew.


5 thoughts on “Mole

  1. I hate it when kids scare me like that! LOL.

    I just read your previous post about being pregnant and wanted to send a hug from someone who remembers what it was like…

    I truly feel that being pregnant is the closest thing we can do in this life to become as close to God as possible. You are creating life and it is AMAZING. Motherhood is BEAUTIFUL, embrace the fact your belly is getting bigger because it means your body is successfully growing this precious child. You are doing something MORE than yourself right now, YOU are AMAZING, and you are a mother.

    Hang in there!

  2. Too Funny!! My youngest tries to pick off the “anters” as he call as bugs. But really he is just pinching me and trying to take off my moles!

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