Rambling Away…

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, friends. I’ve just been in that blah state of pregnancy where I don’t feel like doing much of anything. Unfortunately, having Drew, Beau and Kevin to take care of is what my energy has gone to. My brain cells have produced little creativity.
I am nesting a bit though. Last weekend we went over the divide to go see my SIL graduate from high school, and my wonderful MIL sent us back home with two single mattresses! Yay! and thank you! I’ve been wanting to get the boys into the same room now for a while, thinking it would be a wise idea to adjust Beau to sleeping in a “big boy” bed, let alone share a room with his brother. Don’t want to have two kids waking us up at night! For now, the mattresses are still sitting there, naked in Drew’s room, which I am trying really hard to not let bother me, but I know we’ll get them set up soon. Kev is super busy, of course, and getting our new coolers installed is a priority. Ahem. So… yeah, I’ve just been trying to keep up with the boys, do laundry, a little cleaning, cooking and that about saps me.
The only thing that seems to have grabbed my interest lately is my knitting. Seriously. I have three projects going right now, and that is very unusual for me…must be another form of nesting. Though, it might have more to do with the fact that I’ve gotten frustrated with my first two projects and started on something else.
I have another ultrasound this Friday, you know just to make sure everything is in place, specifically my placenta, and it always is. I’m looking forward to getting to see my baby girl again. Then Friday night, courtesy of Kevin’s gracious grandparents, (who are going to watch the boys) we are going on a date! Gasp! I know, almost unheard of. I don’t remember what we did on our last date, it’s been that long. (OR my pregnant brain is not doing so good with the recalling…) So yeah, looking forward to that too. I think I may actually be looking forward to that a little more than the ultrasound, is that weird? Nah…
So yeah, sorry for the rambling. I’m thinking this post is more for myself than anything. Sometimes it’s good to just get stuff, and I do mean “stuff”, because these certainly aren’t any high-falutin’ thoughts here…out. And there you have it, probably one of the most mundane posts I’ve ever written. Do I get a prize? Yes, yes I think so. Specially since I’m the one who awards them… 😉


12 thoughts on “Rambling Away…

  1. Well I for one have very much been missing you but just hearing you describe how you feel brings back the last couple months of my pregancy with Xander. It is tiring and the best thing you can do is relax and take it easy. Here soon you’ll get that super blast of energy to get things done like the boys room. Until then your body is tired because that little girl is sucking all your strength to grow into a beautiful little lady like her mama. So take a bath or take a nap and order out dinner girl.

    btw… my favorite kind of posts are the very honest “rambling” type anyways because they really show us into each others lives.

    See you in a couple weeks…

  2. And here I thought the reason you didn’t post was because you were visiting me! Thanks for being part of a great weekend!
    Are you putting those mattresses on the floor, or waiting for frames?

  3. Yeah, we just moved about a month ago, and up until last week, our older two just had mattresses on the floor. Which is incredibly annoying, especially if you are preggo, but did make for some jumping escapades, which led to better naps. So that’s always good if you’re preggo!!

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