Vacation Wrap-Up

Okay…so this post is long overdue ( I hope I’m not saying similar words about my baby in a few months here…ha ha ha.) The truth is, I’ve been kind of avoiding writing this post for a few reasons. One, I’m not so sure everyone really wants to hear about “we went here, we went there, did this, did that…blah blah blah…” and second, there really wasn’t anything about the trip that particularly sticks out in my mind as something interesting to share- until we got our speeding ticket in the mail this Monday. Yes, you read that right. We got a speeding ticket while we were in Phoenix. We were driving along, following my BIL and sister and as we were switching lanes *FLASH* there was a police van sitting there, clocking speeders and taking their pictures. It was so obvious what had happened there was no wondering about it. My husband and I were only hoping we’d be fortunate enough to not receive the ticket in the mail, but no such luck. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we paid $182 and got this crappy photo:
Traffic Ticket
Somehow- the photo brings and aspect of humor to the whole thing. I’m not sure why, but they decided to block out my face, and Drew’s face with those white dots. He he.

Well, for whatever it’s worth, I thought I’d do a wrap up of the rest of the trip photo-caption style. You can view the whole set just by clicking on one of the photos…

Cool Shadow
Hannah and Drew in front of a cool outdoor art piece at the Mesa Arts Center. A fun little diversion after searching for (and finding) a cool music store.

Me and Hannah in front of the Mesa Performing Arts Theatre. All the mirrors on the piece behind us move.

This was so funny…when we got here, Kevin said, “Wow, that whole place is Ikea? I thought it was the size of a World Market or something…” The thing I was most looking forward to was his reaction to Ikea, and I was not disappointed.

This Guy was Much Better at Holding Still Than the Boys This chief graciously posed for a picture with us in good old Wikieup, Arizona. Drew wouldn’t go near him, Beau on the other hand, was ready to make him his new buddy.

The new bridge that will bypass the Hoover Dam…this is waaaay high up there. This is looking up from the top of the Hoover Dam, which is already sky high if that gives you any sort of an idea…

Cheesy Smiles
Two of my handsome boys…Beau’s smile really cracks me up here.

A rare moment…though Beau is trying to get away.

Family Portrait
Kev, me, Gramma Cheryl, Beau, Drew and Grampa Brad on a nice breezy day. Aaaaah.

It was a good trip.


10 thoughts on “Vacation Wrap-Up

  1. Looks like you had a great time! We LOVE Ikea, just wish there was one closer, instead on in Atlanta. Anywho, glad to see you are back in the swing of things, hey, lets have a contest to see who is overdue the longest… hee hee hee

  2. I am always worried about getting a ticket in the mail! I can’t believe they sent you those pictures I guess that’s why it cost so much. How fast were you going????

  3. We were going 52 in a 40…which I don’t really think is that bad…but they’ve gotta make their money somehow I guess…
    Maybe $10 for every mile over the speed limit and $62 for the trouble?

  4. Those pictures are the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen all week! I LOVE the white dots… like they want to avoid getting the driver in trouble if they are having an affair. ha ha ha. Like the wife wouldn’t say, “hey honey, what’s up with that passenger?!”

    Glad you had fun!

  5. NICE pictures! Beau is getting long legged and beginning to look like a 3 year old.
    Sorry about the ticket – rather invasive, don’t you think? Just like someone monitoring every key stroke of one’s computer (at home or the office).

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