Okay…I’m obviously in sore, sore need of a post here. I got back late Monday night, haven’t felt all that well, meaning sore throat swollen lymph nodes, you know how you feel when you’re coming down with something, but seem to be doing much better today and hoping it stays that way. I really need to be balancing my checkbook here, so I can go out and purchase some food to fill my empty cabinets and refrigerator, aka “feed my family.”
I will let you know how my trip went, but for now I leave you with a belly shot (also long overdue.) I’m almost 29 weeks along, and doing well for the most part, getting tired again, and that’s about it. I have a midwife appointment today-so we’ll see if there’s anything new. I’m pretty sure this girlie is still head up too, which, admittedly makes me a little nervous. (However, it sure came in handy for the long drive home, meaning I didn’t have to stop to pee as much.) Okay enough of my blabbering:

Belly Shot at 28 Weeks
This is taken in front of the Arizona Art Center (I think that is what it’s called…), in Mesa Arizona…oh, and this is actually the theatre part too… very cool architecture and outdoor art. All the mirrors on that piece behind me move.
And I need to work on not looking so smug…really.


9 thoughts on “Okay….

  1. So darling… as for heads up, Tasia and Xander were both heads up at the end of my pregnancies. Xander turned around 34 weeks and Tasia around 36!!! I was also scared and gave Tasia some constant nudging towards the right direction – ha ha.

  2. You’re back! And you’re carrying a basketball! And I have to agree, for a third timer you’re entirely too cute. And lastly, it’s okay to look smug– you’re having a girl!!!

  3. wow yeah last time I looked you just had a little, but perfect, bump. And bam! I love it, the bigger the better. I’m totally raiding your closet if I ever get pregnant again.

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