Weather Report

Okay…It’s April 12th, we’ve already had several days of warm weather, even a few 80 degree days. So what is it doing today? It’s snowing. BIG. HUGE. FLAKES. And it’s sticking.
Groooooooooaaannn!!! I was worried we’d already be “warmed up” by the time we took our vacation out to the desert in a few weeks. Now? It will be mighty nice, and very welcome! (Can we leave early?)


Easter Mosaic

Easter Mosaic
1. Spin Away, 2. Handsome Sons, 3. Swinging, 4. The Grand Ride, 5. Daddy’s Girl, 6. Piggy Tails, 7. Big Shovel, 8. Succumbing the Centripital Force, 9. Getting some Help on the Sit n Spin, 10. Grandma and Grandson, 11. The Purple Egg, 12. Checking out the Goodies, 13. What’s This?, 14. I Found it!, 15. Yummy Finger, 16. Loot!

Everything is Not What it Seems

Recently, due to errors in communication, or just the lack of it, my husband and I withdrew more than we had from our checking account, and consequently accrued four overdraft fees at $34 a piece. Distressing as it was to find this out, especially when we probably only withdrew about $30 more than we had, we were able to remedy the problem fairly well. However, the extra $136 we had to pay in overdraft fees was definitely going to put an unsightly dent in our monthly budget. So we decided that I should try to call the bank and see if I could maybe get at least one of those overdraft fees taken away, as well as look into some overdraft protection type accounts. Now, you have to understand that I’m am not a confrontational person, I don’t like asking for favors, nor do I like calling up these type of institutions and trying to understand their employees on the phone. To give you an example: I have had it on my to do list, to call and make that yearly doctors appointment for my boys for about, oh 2 months now…and finally called just today. I am the queen of procrastination about these types of things. So calling the bank today was not exactly a task I was revved up to do. So I call the bank, have to enter my account number, then they ask for my PIN number. My PIN number? I purposely don’t have that thing memorized, nor do I know where I wrote it down. An out! I can get out of having to do this… I don’t know my PIN number so I can’t call these people. So I sent the following email to my hubby:

I tried calling Wells Fargo, but I need my PIN which I haven’t the faintest idea what it is…
Also, I’ve looked over the account and apparently another charge did come in before our transfer of money went in, so I don’t know if we can really do anything about it. I think what we need to do is set up Overdraft protection though, and I think in order to do that we’d need to attach the Credit Card, which is in your name, to the account- so I think you may need to do that, since my name is not on the credit card.”

Way to pass the buck, right? Procrastination at it’s worst. Then I thought, “No, I can do this. I can find my PIN number and call the bank, and at the very least talk to someone about overdraft protection.” So I did. I called the bank, talked to them about overdraft protection was able to get them to take $100 of the overdraft fees away. Yay! So then I sent my hubby this email:

“Hey Babe…nevermind parts of my previous e-mail. I found my pin number, called up, got some info on overdraft protection accounts, and also got them to take away $100 in overdraft fees. Yay! So anyways… we can talk about some overdraft account options later when we get a chance. Love you!

To which he replied:
“Woo-HOO! 100 bucks! Great job babe. See what a sexy voice can accomplish on the phone! 😉
Thanks bunches!
Luv Kev”

Ha ha ha. Little did he know that the conversation with the “bank guy” went something like this.
Bank guy: “Okay, so did you have any questions about your overdraft fees?”
Me: “Uuuh. No, not really.”
Bank guy: “Okay, did you have anything you wanted to ask me about your overdraft fees?”
Me: “Uuuuh. No. I don’t think so.” Then, realizing he is trying to drag something out of me, “TAKE THEM AWAY!!!???” with a nervous laugh at the end, just in case that wasn’t a possibility, I could sound sort of not serious.
Bank guy: “That’s what I was looking for! We can take away $100 of those fees for you…” and so on…

Let me just say, this was in no way due to my so called “sexy voice.” In fact, I dare say, had I not been divinely sent a helpful bank guy to take pity on my slightly dull brain, there would have been no taking away of any overdraft fees.
Sigh (of relief.)

Laughter and Understanding, but the Timing is Wrong

The other evening, I was chatting with my husband while I was making dinner. Drew was sitting nearby, happily playing with his Legos. I mentioned to my hubby that I forgot how annoying pregnancy can be at times, with the ill fitting, uncomfortable clothes, belly that feels like a hundred pound weight, ligament malfunctions, sore back…and the list goes on. Of course, that only lead me to mention how you kind of forget what labor is like too, (although, this is not necessarily true) and that it was probably a good thing, otherwise, the world wouldn’t be populated. Drew piped up here (because they are always listening, you know…) and said, “Yeah, Mom, and you can give birth to me,” and I interjected, “already done that,” and then he continued, “and I can stay with you and Dada, and Beau can go somewhere else.” And then he began to laugh, because he thought he was pretty funny. This has been a new development for Drew, the awareness that he has a sense of humor, which I of course, find extremely amusing and lots of fun, but it can get me into trouble, like it did here. Being the oldest of three children, I totally understood where Drew was coming from, and since I knew he wasn’t really serious, I started to laugh. Kevin, on the other hand, was for all intents and purposes an only child (he is 15 years older than his sister, 17 years older than his brother,) who desperately longed for a sibling while growing up. Naturally, he did not find this funny in the least, and said to Drew, “We don’t say things like that, it’s not funny.” To which Drew replied, “Yes it is, Mommy’s laughing,” and he giggled some more. At this point, I was a lost cause. I had already turned my face away from him, and was trying with all my might to stifle the laughter, and it was getting harder by the moment. (This is certainly a time when I was thankful my sisters were not here, or it would’ve been waaaaay worse! I know Tee can relate.) I finally had to just let it out, as my face was turning blue, and I’m sure Kevin and Drew could see my body shaking with all the laughter I was keeping inside. I had tears running down my face…it was just too funny, and the worst possible timing. Some day, when Drew is a little older, we will have a little conversation about what it’s like being the oldest child, and how to deal, since Mommy has been there, and she understands.

Some Encouragement

I could be scared. (And sometimes I am.)
My hubby and I are seriously contemplating moving, again. I say again, because this is a frequent topic in our lives in general. We are always thinking about moving somewhere, and to say that I look forward to the day we have landed in that perfect spot and can just stay without thinking about having to move anymore…well, is an understatement. I will welcome that day with joy, open arms, and a sigh of relief heard round the world. 😉 On the other hand, it is fun to look at tons of new houses and think about what it would be like to live there. So like I said, I could be scared. Scared about having to keep the house clean (in order to sell it) with two messy boys and a brand new infant. Scared about possibly leaving family and friends behind (but not too far behind.) Scared about starting a life in a new town. Scared about staying here and becoming stagnant. But I’m not. Thankfully, I’m figuring out how to lay these worries at Jesus’ feet and let go of the fear and the worry. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, and because I’ve experienced it for myself, that He will certainly take care of me, and my family, and He has our best in mind.

I was discussing all these fears with my mom, who recently has had more fear to deal with than I hope I will ever encounter, and she gave me several uplifting verses to read. So thank you, Mom, for sharing those with me. And thank you, God, for giving us the Bible to read. Without these things, especially God, I’d certainly be lost.
And here they are, if you’d like to read them yourself, if you are going through a time of trouble or dealing with fear and doubt and worry, here they are:
Psalm 56:3-4
1 Peter 5:7
James 4:6-7
Matthew 19:26
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
1 John 5:4 & 14-15
Hebrews 11:1
Hebrews 13:5
2 Corinthians 1:8-10
Philippians 4:6-8
2 Thessalonians 3:3
Romans 5:3-4
Psalm 55:22

I believe my mom writes all of these down on little 3×5 cards and carries them around with her. A good idea, indeed.

What Has Mrs. Sarah Been Up To?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, life has suddenly became busy enough to the point where I ignore my computer for a few days. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true…last week I was just a whole lot more interested in Flickr than my blog. Why? you ask…or not… Well, you see, some fellow bloggy buddies who are also photography enthusiasts, put together a group called 7 Days, in which each participant takes a self portrait every day for a week. Creativity was encouraged, meaning lets see what you can come up with besides just shots of your lovely face. This was a really fun challenge for me, and I think definitely qualifies as doing some art each day for the last week (right?) It was actually easier than I thought it would be, and most days I ended up with several decent self-portraits. The difficulty came in choosing which one to submit to the group. I thought I’d share my choices with you here, so you can see what I’ve been up to. And if you’d like to see more, all of my extras are on my photostream as well.

Day 1, March 24
Day 1 for 7 Days

Day 2, March 25
Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Day 3, March 26
Day 3 of 7 Days: Fists of Bubbles

Day 4, March 27
Day 4 of Seven Days: Bedtime Stories

Day 5, March 28
Day 5 of 7 Days:Working the Rim...

Day 6, March 29
Day 6 of 7 Days: All Three of My Children

Day 7, March 30
Day 7 of 7 Days: No Make-up, No Gimmicks