The MS Walk

Hello y’all. On May 5th, my mother, a friend who also has MS, and as many people as we can gather up are all going to be joining together to participate in the MS Walk. It’s a fundraiser aimed at using the money raised to find a cure for MS, so that hopefully one day, our loved ones will either be cured of this disease or never have to deal with it.
Our MS team is called the Keep Going Girls, and we have a goal to raise $5000. We don’t necessarily expect to raise that much, but we thought we’d set our sights higher than $200.
If you’d like to donate to our cause, please go here. If you’re in my neck of the woods, and are interested in joining in on the walk with us, you can also sign up through the same link.
If you are able, and so inclined, please consider helping us, and this cause out. Thank you so much!

Also, there’s been some question as to the security of donating to this site online, which I totally understand, so I checked it out, and you can too. The site is powered by Convio, which is apparently software that is aimed at helping online/email donations, and keeping them secure.


11 thoughts on “The MS Walk

  1. that’s great! if i were there, i’d walk with you guys. i used to do MS Read-a-thons when I was a kid, it made me feel good to know I was doing something to help my grandma. She’s had MS for many years. I love people helping people.

  2. Yes, that’s the idea, “Keep Going Girls!” Seize the day, Carpe diem and all that. Do not be afraid to really live before you die, for most assuredly, we will all die someday; its just that for many of us, it sneaks up with no warning, so we put off really living. What an example you are setting.

  3. hey, I just tried to donate but the page where you put in the card information does not have a secure sign on the task bar so I am a little wary. Do you have Paypal? I can send it that way directly from my bank. Let me know!

  4. thank you all who have contributed to this cause. bless you all I would write each one of you , but I use dial up and it is painfully slow!!!! so this is to all you readers – keep going!! thank you again. this is a new experience for me ( the internet community ) your out there, as real as rain. very different for an oldie to wrap the brain around – but i see alot of possitive comming outof new thing- the people need to b connected,good night.summer you will all be with us in thoughts that day fun wekk be talkin about yall

  5. i have managed to pull in 1112.00 so far i think more to come -two more days left – but we have untill june30th to record it all . this is a fun challenge . 5000.00 next year !!! starting six nonths beforhand – thank you thank you cyber friends god bless you all,summer

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