Chinese Freeze Tag

Rules: “This my dear friends is a game called Chinese Freeze Tag. What are the rules, you wonder? Well then, allow me to explain. What you are about to read are ten – hopefully – interesting facts and/or habits of mine. After you are done reading you will find a list of ten people in no specific order. These are the names of the innocent bystanders whom I have tagged and thus drawn into this game. They will then be forced to write their own blog listing ten interesting facts about themselves, and also select another ten people to tag – No Tag Backs! Very simple, hopefully interesting. Now, sit back, relax, and be amazed.”

1. Occasionally, I will make and eat a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich.
2. I’m not sure which is weirder, the above or rice mixed with soy sauce, mayo, and nutritional yeast, which I eat quite often. (Yes, much to the chagrin of Allison, I like me plenty o’ mayonnaise.)
3. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to home-school, public, or private school my kids.
4. I’m pretty sure Barbie Dolls are going to be completely banned from my house once my daughter arrives.
5. I once seriously considered modeling for a figure drawing class, but didn’t…and now that pregnancy has, ehem…”enhanced” my body, I never will… ;).
6. I do, however run through my house in the nude…sorry if you’re my neighbor… ha ha ha…
7. I would love to see a genuine, honest to goodness fashion show before I die.
8. I’d like to someday get a Phd. but only so I can wear the hood… (just kidding, about the hood part.)
9. If I could afford it, I would shop exclusively at the health food store (aside from farmers markets and fruit stands.)
10. My life is nothing like I imagined it would be (but I don’t remember what I imagined it would be, I just know it’s different.) And yes…most of the time, I’m very content with it.

So I was tagged for this by Stephanie and Jill. I’m not taking the time to actually create links, because…well I did that last time I tried to write this post, and I accidentally closed out of it, without saving…and well…just too much work. Anyways. Here goes: Hannah, Rebecca (How it Fits), Cherry (Eine Feisty Berg), Sandy (Maui Mama), Mrs. Flinger, Posh Mama (Living in His Mercy), Tee (Spilt Milk), Tonya (A Day in the Life of a Mama), Kelli Belly, and Sarah (Dreamdust). Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Chinese Freeze Tag

  1. If only we lived near each other we could home school together. It’s so much more motivating if you have some other moms to do it with. But mayo and peanut butter, YOU MUST BE PREGNANT or something ;o) This will give me something to work on because I’ve really been slacking in the posting area. XOXO

  2. Well, since you were at my house, I never read this blog until now… so, seeing as how I don’t blog anymore I wikll reply as a comment. Sosorry for those of you who don’t know me (I’m Sarah’s sister).
    1. I will buy the premade pillsberry cressent rolls and eat the whole can by myself—uncooked.
    2. I sometimes hope the doctor doesn’t make it their deliveries, so that I can deliver the baby myself (as long as everything is healthy) I DONT ACTUALLY DO THIS!
    3. I really should become a midwife, but sometimes I don’t think I’m smart enough.
    4.I hope that my husband will forget about using a condom, so that we we can have kids now. (this is why I never mention it, you 🙂 )
    5. However, I am still scared to death to RAISE kids, not to HAVE them.
    6.I am planning on retireing in my 40’s….and those of you who laugh are my fuel to do it just to prove you wrong…..isn’t that horrible.
    7. I eat a whole bag of flaminghot-lime cheetos in one sitting, the big bag.
    8.I’m 25 and I have to pluck facial hair everyday-grrrrrrrrrrrrr
    9. I want to see the great wall of China before I die.
    10.I love candy, and its like being an alcoholic becasue I get migranes from it, yet I still eat it !!!!! What will it take to learn my lesson!

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