Toot Toot!

So with my rather frustrating attempt at potty training Drew (which is now over and done with, and doesn’t seem that bad) we’ve decided to start early with Beau, however, we are being very lax about it, and kind of letting him lead us. More or less. He has showed interest in the potties for several months now, and we have been encouraging that. So when he expresses that he wants to sit on one or has to go, we oblige. We also ask him if he wants to go, when it’s obvious he needs to go, and if he says yes, we take him, and if he says no, we don’t push. We’ve had lots of successes, and some messes, and so on. I’m still planning on this taking awhile. So the other day, Kev and I were in the bathroom and Beau came in and announced he’d like to go. So we let him sit on his little potty. He sat down, promptly tooted a toot that appeared to propel him right off the seat and jumped up saying excitedly, “I did it!!” I wish I had a recording of his little voice saying that, it would be that much cuter, really. Needless to say, Kev and I burst out laughing, which was a good thing because we figure it’d only encourage him…but my oh, my…he’s such a funny little boy these days, toots and all.


7 thoughts on “Toot Toot!

  1. Well it sounds like we are in the same boat with the potty thing! It would be so nice to have the toddler trained before the new baby arrives…but we’ll see how it goes!

  2. That sounds like a hoot!
    I know I’m not stressing about potty training my boy until after this baby is born. Already when my 3 year old sees the babypotty out she would rather use that then the “big girls’ potty”.

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