Laughter and Understanding, but the Timing is Wrong

The other evening, I was chatting with my husband while I was making dinner. Drew was sitting nearby, happily playing with his Legos. I mentioned to my hubby that I forgot how annoying pregnancy can be at times, with the ill fitting, uncomfortable clothes, belly that feels like a hundred pound weight, ligament malfunctions, sore back…and the list goes on. Of course, that only lead me to mention how you kind of forget what labor is like too, (although, this is not necessarily true) and that it was probably a good thing, otherwise, the world wouldn’t be populated. Drew piped up here (because they are always listening, you know…) and said, “Yeah, Mom, and you can give birth to me,” and I interjected, “already done that,” and then he continued, “and I can stay with you and Dada, and Beau can go somewhere else.” And then he began to laugh, because he thought he was pretty funny. This has been a new development for Drew, the awareness that he has a sense of humor, which I of course, find extremely amusing and lots of fun, but it can get me into trouble, like it did here. Being the oldest of three children, I totally understood where Drew was coming from, and since I knew he wasn’t really serious, I started to laugh. Kevin, on the other hand, was for all intents and purposes an only child (he is 15 years older than his sister, 17 years older than his brother,) who desperately longed for a sibling while growing up. Naturally, he did not find this funny in the least, and said to Drew, “We don’t say things like that, it’s not funny.” To which Drew replied, “Yes it is, Mommy’s laughing,” and he giggled some more. At this point, I was a lost cause. I had already turned my face away from him, and was trying with all my might to stifle the laughter, and it was getting harder by the moment. (This is certainly a time when I was thankful my sisters were not here, or it would’ve been waaaaay worse! I know Tee can relate.) I finally had to just let it out, as my face was turning blue, and I’m sure Kevin and Drew could see my body shaking with all the laughter I was keeping inside. I had tears running down my face…it was just too funny, and the worst possible timing. Some day, when Drew is a little older, we will have a little conversation about what it’s like being the oldest child, and how to deal, since Mommy has been there, and she understands.


7 thoughts on “Laughter and Understanding, but the Timing is Wrong

  1. Poor guy. 🙂 It’s hard to be funny when your timing’s messed up. I was the older too, and my brother always wished he had been born first. He was so glad when their first child was a boy. I think I enjoyed my privileged position a little too much.

  2. Ah, yes; I understand ALL of you totally – and each response!
    How many siblings, given anonymous and safe opportunity, would not confess to having had delicious thoughts of being an only child, moments of wishing the siblings, “somewhere else” for an extended period of time.

    I have always been very close to my brother (younger by 3 and a half years); My two children that remain at home(one of each gender) are very close. Being close and depending on each other still does not guarantee there will not be times one wishes for solitude or single child attention.
    As for your laughter, well, it would be nice to laugh without censure, but then, laughing alone is no fun….

  3. LOL, my youngest (Wi) would totally understand. He and his 12 yo bro have a love-hate relationship. The other day Wil was extremely grumpy and attacking Lee at every turn. I suggested we find a way to change his grumpy mood. He said “Well, if you give Lee away I wouldn’t have so many reasons to be grumpy.”

    I couldn’t help but giggle over that one.

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