Conversations in the Morning

“Mom, are Eden and Honor coming over today?”
“Not today, honey.”
“Well if Honor was coming over he could see my Star Wars ships that I built.”
“We’re probably going to see Gramma Summer, Nana, and Ariel today.”
“Oh! And we can go to Target and look at Star Wars toys today!”
“I doubt it.”
“You doubt it?”
“Meaning, probably not.”
“Don’t doubt it, Mama.” with a chuckle afterward. Then, “Do you know what color maybe is?”
“No, what color is maybe?”
“It’s ORANGE!” (His favorite color) This explains so much!


5 thoughts on “Conversations in the Morning

  1. okay… i’ve been around children too long…

    I followed that conversation. And worse, it made complete sense to me.

    And I too, agree that maybe is orange. That’s one smart kid.

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