…the Rest of the Story

Profile View This is a profile view, it’s (okay it’s really) muddled because she had her hands up by her head almost the entire time…but if you look closely you can make out her nose and her upper lip and maybe an eye. (EEK! I’m just so tickled that I get to say “she,” somebody pinch me.)

I decided to post another pic today and tell you a little bit more about the ultrasound visit…so since this is not wordless…it wont be labeled “Wordless Wednesday.” We took Drew with us to the ultrasound, and we were also accompanied by my mother. It’s become a family tradition…everyone goes to the ultrasounds! But Drew was a new one this time. He was squirmy, as can be expected from a 4 year old boy. Heck, my husband was squirmy…it must just be the boy thing…
The doctor started examining things…and I looked at the screen. A familiar feeling came over me. I felt just like I did when I found out baby number 2 was going to be a boy…and then I thought for sure I had just seen a boy part, and I felt kind of nauseous. It didn’t help that the doctor kept on saying “he” this, and “he” that. Kevin asked him why he kept on saying “he”, suspecting that maybe the doctor could already tell the sex, and the doctor explained that he just didn’t like calling the baby “it.” I finally breathed a little bit. Then the doctor stopped the picture and pointed out something and explained that those looked like girl parts, but he wasn’t 100% sure, and he’d try to get a better look. My heart started to leap. I could hear Drew in the background protesting, since he really wanted another brother. My mom was expressing her excitement, and Kevin was holding back until we got a better answer. It took a little bit, as it seems this baby is on the modest side and didn’t want to reveal herself (who can blame her.) Then finally we got the perfect view and sure enough…it’s a girl. Kev asked the doctor how sure he was, and he said 99.9%, unless it’s a boy and he’s reaching down there and um, well, pulling “everything” up, which he’d only ever seen happen once. We’re pretty sure that wasn’t happening seeing that her hands were up by her head almost the entire time. Upon being told this, Kevin, who was also hoping for another boy, let out a sort of half amused, half dissappointed, half “I was wrong” (wait a minute, that’s too many halves…anyways…) groan. I looked at him and could tell he was really happy for me. He knows how badly I’ve wanted this. Then I could see all the fear set in. I haven’t had much of chance to talk to him about what he really thinks about having a girl, but I imagine that the thought of having another “fragile” beauty to protect, is not exactly settling. Drew was in the background with his grandma still saying he wanted a boy. I think grandma was just making happy sounds for me at this point, and trying to explain to Drew that it would still be really cool, and he would get to protect his very own little sister. At this point I was swelling with pride and some big time relief! Even though I had resolved with myself that I’d be just as happy if we were having a 3rd boy, I really don’t know how I would have reacted. Then we looked around some more and Drew went on to comment that it looked like a “Darth Vader baby,” and, well, I could see why he would think that. (Hee, hee.) Everything else looked good, as I said before. She was measuring a July 14th due date instead of a July 20th (one can only hope!) My placenta was a little low (which is normal too) so I’ll have another ultrasound around 30 weeks to make sure it has moved up to where it needs to be. My midwife came in an congratulated us and answered any questions we had. I asked if my EKG came back alright, and she was pretty sure it had come back normal (thank God!) Then Kevin asked, “What do we do when she’s 15?” At this point, I’m not worried about that far in the future…I’m just really glad we don’t have to endure another circumcision. šŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “…the Rest of the Story

  1. Congrats on the baby girl! We are desperately hoping for a girl this time around and have prayed about it for just about forever! Do you have a name picked out yet??

  2. Ultrasounds are so fun!

    My husband was worried about having a girl. He said he wouldn’t know what to do with one… and now that we have one (though we have barely even touched on gender-specific issues, I know!!) he says he doesn’t want to have any boys, because he wouldn’t know how to father one of those! He’s a goose.

  3. What a great story! Especially since you grew up with sisters I think it’s pretty natural that you want a girl! Kev will get used to the idea and then he’ll spoil her rotten!

  4. Tee hee! Girls are always harder on their dads. They remember how they thought about girls when they were teenagers. Poor guy. I guess it’s time to buy a shotgun. šŸ˜‰

  5. Congrats, that’s awesome!! I always thought I’d have all boys (now will only have ONE kid!) but if I were to have more, I would love not to deal w/the circ/non circ issue again. yay for vags!

  6. I guess God knew I just would not be complete without both – we got two girls and a boy, and I’m still so in love with all of them. They are each so special in different ways, and by the way, when she’s 15 you’ll be through most of the worst of it. Starting around 11 or 12, you hold your breath and hold on for dear life. xoxoxo

  7. Oh, YEYYEYYEYYEYEYEYE!! I’m so happy for you. It’s great to get a mix, isn’t it? I mean, SURE, I don’t actually know that for sure yet but we’re just as ticked to say “HE” as you are to say “SHE”. SO excited it worked out that way for y’all!

  8. Congrats on the baby girl!! As the baby girl of my family who has two older brothers, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    My fondest memories are always the ones involving my brothers. From jumping off the back of their bikes to helping them prep for the prom, it was just wonderful to have two older brothers looking out for me. Of course, the most special memory is having both of them walking me down the aisle when I got married…

    Congrats again!

  9. A girl! I salute you! We women can do about anything you know and now you are producing a girl! I love girls! Of course, I have a thing for guys too…….I am soooo excited!

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