17 Weeks Along

17 Weeks Along

I thought it was about time I posted another belly shot. So far, so good. No more nausea to speak of, still a little on the tired side, but that should let up for a while pretty quick here. I am feeling the baby move a little bit here and there. One of the times I felt a kick was when I was talking about having a birthday in July…I thought that was funny. We get to have our ultrasound on the 26th, so hopefully we’ll be able to tell what it is! There are a few more pregger pictures on my Flickr site, so click on the above pic to check ’em out.


10 thoughts on “17 Weeks Along

  1. Your the cutest thing since… well your just too darn cute! How excited you must be to catch another glimpse at your baby on the 26th. I assume you’ll share the news?

  2. You look fantastic! You are carrying really low, aren’t you? I never understood what people meant when they said that but you look obviously low to me. Does that mean boy or girl? Do those things really work? LOL.

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