A Lego Morning

This morning as Kevin is running out the door to work and Drew has just finished his breakfast…

“Mom, can I play Legos now?”

“Yes, you can.”

“Okay, I know how to get them,” and he heads off to the cupboard and starts to bring the Lego bucket out. While carrying them over to the counter he says, “These Legos are heavy Mom, I don’t know if I can carry them.”

“I know you can, you’re a strong boy, and you can do it!”

Just then, CRASH, BANG, BOOM…the sound of a million Legos hitting the floor. Kev looks at me, smiles and says, “I gotta go to work, have a nice day babe,” and he quickly escapes out the front door while I’m chuckling at what has just happened. While he’s walking down the front walk he mimicked me, “You’re a strong boy, you can do it!” while laughing gleefully that he didn’t have to help clean up….
I’m thinking to myself, “that’s okay…you go win some bread so I can buy a vacuum with enough suction to suck all these suckers up.” 😉


6 thoughts on “A Lego Morning

  1. Sounds like a typical day in our house. Aaron likes to sneak out of the house on a chaotic morning:0) What I do is spray him with some of my perfume as he’s walking out the door:0) LOL ! I’ve only done that once ;0)

  2. Just a little word of warning. Sarah (my oldest daughter) had a nice little repair bill for the repairshop to remove legos from her vacuum. Too much suction! They went right in, got nicely lodged and nothing would go past them. Such fun raising kids.

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