I’m So Proud of Myself…

Ha ha ha, I’m bragging today, can you tell? (As if the title wasn’t obvious enough.) I went to the dentist today for the first time in about 3 years, and yes there was a pregnancy in there too, and wallah! NO CAVITIES, and I got complimented on taking good care of my teeth. What a sigh of relief… I wish my visits to chiropractor went more like this…although, those feel a lot better than having your teeth cleaned…

Another brag, we are having Drew’s birthday party this weekend, and we are doing a Star Wars themed party, and are having all the kids dress up as Star Wars characters, (granted, I don’t think any of his buddies are going to be able to make it, but oh, well…) I’ve finally conquered my sewing machine (as far as I know) and have been sewing together a Jawa outfit for Beau, and it’s coming together! It’s working!

I guess one thing I can’t toot my horn about today is my writing skills. Those are some terribly crafted sentences up there. Sorry!

So yeah, that’s about it, no more tooting my horn…
Hope y’all have fabulous weekends!


10 thoughts on “I’m So Proud of Myself…

  1. Wow, sewing machine. I don’t even own a sewing machine! I’m impressed with your skills. That sounds like it’s going to be a cool party. I want to see pictures of those kiddos dressed up.

  2. So – and this is SO unfair – I have to fanatically take care of my teeth or they get gingervitus so fast . . . and I have so many cavities that have been filled and more that need to be filled . . .and then my hubby, MAYBE will brush his teeth (especially if he’s trying to create a “mood” πŸ˜‰ ) three times a week, MAYBE and his teeth are near perfect. GRRRRR

  3. One of my intentions this year is to go to the dentist … I haven’t been in about ten years. Heh. I’ve been to the orthodontist in that time though – and they’re spelled quite similarly.

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