Soliciting Proselytization

So again, I’ve been reading more than posting…reading is definitely a stress reliever for me, I guess that’s why I don’t feel so stressed out much of late. But anyways, I’ve had a post brewing in my head for a while, and I’ve hemmed and hawed about saying anything, for the fear of offending someone. But here I am, talking about it already, so you must know that I’m going to share it with you (I’m not one to leave you hanging for long), and I apologize in advance if this offends any of you, it is not my intention in the least.

I have been thinking a lot lately about solicitors, in particular, door to door solicitors of the religious variety. Why? Well, because in the last two months, we have had a grand total of 6 of these types of visitors to our neighborhood, and I must say it is getting pretty old and annoying. They always come on a weekend, or two days before Christmas!, or right when you have just laid your little one down for a nap. They never hand you their materials and let you alone, even though it may be obvious you are busy. No, they start talking to you about new apostles or the coming apocalypse and ask if they can stop by later. I once had a group of four young men accost me in my drive-way and try to start a debate with me even though I told them my young son was out in the back, probably on the trampoline with no supervision… (That was obviously this summer, so I have no idea what the grand total of these visitors is over the entire year.)

The problem I have is the over-saturation (six times in two months!!), the sometimes lack of concern for the reality of what is going in your life at that particular moment, and the fact that I have no desire to talk to these people what-so-ever, and I am not going to become whatever you are, because there is no way I’m going to become a door to door solicitor!

So there it is…I had to break the silence after the sixth interruption last Saturday as my family and I were trying to enjoy a rare day together. So again…I apologize if this has offended you, I just think there are more effective ways to proselytize.


12 thoughts on “Soliciting Proselytization

  1. Ok first I have to admit I had to look up that word to see what it meant! I’ve never personally dealt with them but I have heard some people keep tracks on hand and witness to them when they come to the door. But with little kids I don’t think that would be very reasonable! I hope you find a solution as that would be quite annoying 🙂

  2. I agree wih you. Any type of door to door soliciting is annoying if you ask me. Especially when you have little ones. Then your pulled away and feel obligated to listen. only to tell them your not interested. You put it perfectly describing the day you were pulled away from your unsupervised children in the back yard. I believe we should see how someones living their life and be attracted to their spirituality. Like you, going door to door would not be my thing.

  3. I have to agree for the most part, but… I was in a small youth group growing up and we were not to crazy about going door to door either. Then we heard about a guy who was on the verge of suicide when one of the team members stopped at his door and talked to him about our wonderful savior Jesus. He accepted Christ and is now written in the Book of Life…. kind of cool huh? I do what Tonya says – I keep tracks in a basket by the door and tell them that I will take theirs if they take mine – they never do, but they leave. 🙂

  4. no need for apologies… it’s your blog!

    we don’t have any door to door folks here but there are loads of mormon missionaries walking around. i hate to be rude to them because i’m sure they aren’t having that much fun… but every now and then i am. usually they grab me when i’m on my way to work. that time is the worst time because i carefully time my walk so that i get there right on time. if i stop, i’ll be late. so they completely ignore that i’m practically running and obviously on a mission, and just start saying ‘hey’. grr… also, not so fond of the dudes who stand on the corner with the gigantic speakers and posters preaching. everyone is turned away by it, even believers! so either they are completely out of touch with people or they are out there for selfish reasons…

    i’ve actually thought about bringing this topic up because i’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. thanks for getting the ball rolling!

  5. Wow that track thing is s great idea. Think I need to head to the Christian book store to pick some up. For me they usually come on a weekday and I’m pretty good at saying sorry it’s a crazy day. Please don’t come back and closing the door on them.

  6. Yes, I have been kept standing at the freezing door (shame on me for not inviting them in)with wet hair.
    I think one needs to be gentle and kind, but treat the situation just like an unwanted solicitor. And if one must, well, then say, “I am going to close the door now.” and do it.

  7. I always feel bad for these guys because I hate being rude to them and the only way that I can get them to understand that I don’t want to talk is to be rude to them. My problem with the door to door stuff, or most kinds of short term evangelism is that people don’t take the time to build a relationship with you, to show you that what they have is REAL to them and can be REAL to you too.

    They won’t be there for you when you need them because they’re looking to convert you and move on. I think this applies to all religions, even mine!

    Jim tried one time with a couple young door-to-door guys. He invited them in and kept trying to get to know them. He even got them to come to one of our big parties. His thought was that he would be happy to hear what they had to say, and discuss it with them if they were willing to INVEST in him. It didn’t work, and since then, we’ve both given up on trying.

    whew! I think I win the award for the longest comment EVAR!!!

  8. We had some of ‘those types’ showing up all the time at our house in Texas. I made the mistake of trying to reason with them, even to the point of bringing out the original language texts and showing them how their ‘enlightened translation’ was totally bogus. But it only encouraged them to keep coming back when they didn’t know how to answer my objections. They would bring and higher and higher ranking church official each time in the hopes of finding a flaw in what I was telling them. Finally, when they showed up in a group of six, while my husband wasn’t home, and argued with me when I didn’t want them to come inside, I gave up. Jason practically chewed their heads off the next time they came. Bleh. On the bright side, I think it’s too cold for them up here.

  9. Sometimes I wish I had the courage or gumption to go door to door, but with how badly it aggravates me when they come, I just don’t think its a good way to do things. Besides, No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care! Relationships! I love the tracks by the door idea. Oh, and in James it says NOT to let them into your home.
    I had some Mormons come when I had puking kids, and I told them, as I stood there with a bucket that I had to go take care of my puking kids, and they wouldn’t let me go! I finally said “You are being so incredibly rude not letting me go take care of my puking kids! I would never hear what you have to say if I was even remotely looking!” They left.

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