How Old Am I?

So the other day, my husband was talking to a co-worker about me being pregnant again, and the co-worker asked, “Is she going to get amnio?”
To which Kev replied, “No, why would she need to do that?”
“Well, she’s 35 isn’t she?”
“No, she’s only 27.”

Now…let me just say, I find this rather funny and have been making jokes about being 35 ever since. I think Kev is sorry he told me. I can only surmise that since Kevin is 33, but looks about 22, people think I must be older than him (because I don’t think I look like I’m 22, but I don’t think I look 35 either) so they add a few years onto what they know his age is, and wallah! I’m 35!


11 thoughts on “How Old Am I?

  1. I have no idea! I have no idea, what some people are thinking. My dear, no matter how young he looks – you look at least that young.
    Your’re 27? I thought you were 24. You will forever be 24 in my book. I’m going to laugh all night when I think..some folks just don’t know the different between twenty something and thirty-something.

  2. “you’ve got the sweetest little baby face!”

    young looking hubbys aren’t fair….

    and on another note, I had to fight with my doc over the amnio, even before I was 30. I felt so mean, I had to tell the doctor straight to her face, “NO! I will NOT show up.”

  3. see…..I told you you had it comming! haha Careful what you say next time šŸ™‚

    And you definately don’t look even close to 35, I wonder how old they think mom is? Perhaps she had you when she was 12. hehehe

  4. oh my goodness Sarah… I was reading this post as I was working and my phone rang right as I read how old they thought you were and I started laughing so hard and I’m sure my customer thougth I was laughing at them. LOL! You so don’t look a day over 22.

  5. 1. You don’t look 35. šŸ˜‰
    2. It scares me that you are 27 (although this could be because it make sme feel OLD).
    3. Having a baby at 35 does not mean the mother is anchient (who is this person?!)
    4. That is a pitfall of marrying someone who does look extreamly young (I wouldn’t know – ha ha ha).
    5. I got carded last week. CAN YOU BELEIVE IT?! I was like, “Why THANK YOU!” and the chick was like, “What? You aren’t 21?” I said, “Oh yeah, baby. I’m older than you.” She said – “No way.” Then I showed her my licence and she almost fainted. I LOVE IT. šŸ™‚

  6. For what it’s worth, from the photos you’ve posted on your blog, there’s NO WAY you look 35. In fact, ma’am, can I see some ID before I let you into this R movie by yourself?

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