Putting Things in Perspective

You know, if you’re having one of those days where you’re sulking in your own sorrow…”pity me” type of days…and I’ll be the first to admit, I have my fair share of those, check this out. A friend sent this link to me stating that “it puts things in perspective,” and that it does. Be forwarned…if you are “hormonal,” like me, expect tears. : )


8 thoughts on “Putting Things in Perspective

  1. Oh ya, I cried too. I had read that stroy before but never seen the video. The video really helps get the point across. Let me tell you, when I feel it is hard for me when I run my marathon, I will have to reminde myself of this!

  2. I can’t read it. I can’t be emotional today. Don’t you know I have things to do? LOL

    BTW, I LOVED the shoes in the last post. What size do you wear? – you know, for when I become your neighbor. 😉

  3. oh and you don’t have to buy it to watch it, just click on the video and it will play it in a larger version. You just have to pay for it if you want to actually download it.

  4. Sobbing – I have seen this father/son team before and everytime I cry… I complain about haveing to hurry up and put boots, coats and gloves on in the winter. We are all so lucky..

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