Merry Christmas to You and Yours

It seems that since getting married and adding to our family in various different ways, over the past seven years has made for eventful and different Christmases each year. Our little family still really hasn’t cemented many ongoing Christmas traditions, and this year is no exception. The only thing that has really stuck over the years, if we are in our hometown, that is, is spending Christmas Eve with Kevin’s Grandparents. We drink “Bohemian Tea”, and eat some divinity, and maybe a piece of fudge and open a few presents together, while we just relax and laugh together in their cozy living room. We usually attend some sort of Christmas Eve church service either before or after getting together with Kev’s Grandparents, depending upon the times these things are held, which is never the same. This year, Kev is making his guitar debut at the Christmas Eve service of one of our local churches here in town. Yes, you read that right: G-U-I-T-A-R. For those of you that know, Kevin’s first instrument is drums, but this year he has been focusing a lot on singing and guitar playing. So this particular church service will be all the more special for our little family, accompanied by my parents, grandmother, and my aunt and uncle, watching Kev’s Christmas debut. I can’t wait to see how Drew and Beau react to their Dad being up there on stage. Oh, they’ve seen him play the drums on stage before, but you know how that is…he’s behind the drum set which is behind the band. Also, Beau is right now the worlds most enthusiastic guitar fan (okay…a little exaggeration), so it should be a really memorable service, and I’m so proud of my talented hubby! Christmas morning, we will wake up in our own beds, (music to a pregnant woman’s ears) and open family presents and stockings here, and eat a simple breakfast, no fuss this year. Then we will gather up a good family friend, and possibly my grandmother (if she has not been gathered by someone else first) and head up the road an hour to my parents home in the mountains. (Not quite as mountainous as my in-laws, but I think they are mountains nonetheless. *wink*) There we will be joined by my sister and her husband and their little Zoe, and my Aunt and Uncle as well. We’ll open some more presents and then just enjoy each others company, while we are warmed by my parent’s very tiny, but efficient, new wood stove. A welcome Christmas addition, even though we can’t hang stockings over it. We will probably play a new game together at some point and time, which is a tradition of my family’s carried on throughout the years. I’m hoping to maybe get in a little sledding on the back hill, okay, well, maybe not me…but at least watch the boys have some fun sliding a bit. Then we’ll eat my mom’s wonderful spinach cannelloni. It’s not technically cannelloni, it’s more like spinach and feta cheese rolled up in a lasagna noodle with a really yummy, and slightly spicy cream sauce. Yum! One of the few things that sounds good to me right now. For those who aren’t fans of the cannelloni, we have steaks or other such things to throw on the grill. I don’t know if there will be any dessert this year, and that’s fine by me. I’m not much of a dessert person, (gasp!) crazy, I know. A cup of tea and cookie would suit me just fine. Then Kev and I will pack up all the goods and possibly sleeping children, and maybe an adult or two, who knows, and head back home that night…as we both have to work the following day. I’m looking forward to it. It should be a low key and relaxing Christmas. No food for the nausea-woman to cook, and yummy food for her to eat- which right now, is the just about the best Christmas gift I can think of (besides whatever it is that Kevin got me. *wink*)
Merry Christmas to all of you! May your time spent with loved ones this year, whether they be family, friends, or just yourself, be rewarding, relaxing, rejuvenating, and productive (that’s for those of you who are doing it alone this year. ) God Bless you all.

Oh yes!! Less I forget… A very happy birthday to my lovely sister Hannah this year. She is now a quarter of a century old. Ha ha, that makes her sound older than me. 😉


8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to You and Yours

  1. Sarah, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Sounds like it will be. At least you don’t have too cook and the church service sounds awesome. I bet your hubby will knock em dead( NOT LIterally of course!) And no dessert? Double gasp!!! Thats how you stay in shape isn’t it?! Me? I overdose on it. You take care! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! XOXOXO

  2. The most important tradition is just time spent together 🙂

    The cannelloni and steaks sound good. I’ll take 1 of each. LOL.

    How was Kevin’s guitar debut? Pretty exciting for everyone! 🙂

    Did you guys go sledding? We haven’t gotten any snow yet!

    Hope your Christmas was lovely. Ours was.

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