I’m So Excited!

After a mere two weeks of work, our family room is back in business! I never realized how much I appreciated the extra square footage.
On another good note, and at the risk of speaking too soon, I am finally starting to feel better from this morning sickness! I had an absolutely terrible day with it last Friday, and the next day I felt better, and I’ve been feeling pretty good ever since. Not perfect, mind you, but good enough to be happy! Also another sign that the hormones are cooling down a bit, was the migraine I got yesterday, which really wasn’t that bad at all, and if it was signaling the end of the morning sickness, then by golly, I’ll take it! Tomorrow we go in for the ten week check up and we get to hear the heartbeat. I’m so excited for that!
Another thing, this morning we woke up to our second big snow for the winter, and it was still snowing! There is probably a good four to six inches out there. This means that Christmas will be white! Yay!
I’m excited for Christmas too. One of the coolest things about being a parent at Christmas, is watching your kids get super excited and re-living the magic right along with them. Drew has woken up several mornings now and asked why his Star Wars presents aren’t under the tree yet. Beau just loves the shiny balls on the Christmas tree. Actually, now that I actually put the tree up, I should post a picture. More to come soon. Things are looking up! Yay!


5 thoughts on “I’m So Excited!

  1. Woo hoo!!!! I hope you get a white, sickness-free Christmas! We’re supposed to have snow Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I really hope they don’t change the forecast to rain, like they’ve been doing lately.

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