Combatting Nausea With Bucket-loads of Laughter

Update: It appears the site I made this on was undergoing some maintainence- so I re-did mine, but I don’t think the others work anymore…

My goodness…it’s been too long since I’ve written anything- my sincerest apologies! Really, I’ve just been super busy and having a valiant battle with the morning sickness. I will win…soon.

So I’ve seen this on a few friends, sites: Jill’s and Stephanie’s, and I wasn’t going to do it, but I thought I might as well have a little fun this morning in the midst of all the nauseau and such. I’ll have you know that Drew and I sat and watched it and laughed our heads off till we, well, I cried. So here it is with a special message for you enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Combatting Nausea With Bucket-loads of Laughter

  1. LOL!! That’s so funny!

    Morning sickness is AWFUL. I tried EVERYTHING for it with both pregnancies and the only thing that helped was being asleep. LOL. Hope you get to the point where it goes away soon. It’s just yucky.

  2. Wow- have I missed A LOT! I was delighted to see that you are due about the same time as my friend! He he, I got two friends due about the same time, in almost the same situations! LOL! I Love it! I hope you do feel better though . . . I once heard that smiling helps counter the gag reflex. WHen I was getting off my anathisia and feeling woozy my hubby CRACKED UP each time he’d see me trying to smile when I felt like puking! Anyway . . . its good to be back, good to catch up with you!

  3. OMG that was so funny I, of course, had to create one too…I won’t post mine because I used Anthonys pic…but it came out pretty funny. For some reason, he didnt see my sense of humor…LOL

    thanks for the laugh!

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