Way to Usher in the Season

So Sunday afternoon, we came home to a sort of reverse geiser in our playroom. Yes, I mean water was shooting right out of the ceiling. It appears the water line going to the cooler had frozen and burst and caused some significant damage to our ceiling, walls, outside walls and who knows what else. Fortunately, our couch and entertainment center appear to be unharmed, though not untouched.
Really, when I think about it, if you have to have some sort of disaster happen to your house (I don’t recommend it,) this happened at just the right time. We weren’t sitting on the couch with the TV on when the water broke through, and the kids weren’t out there playing when it broke through. We happened to come home from our afternoon out, right as/after it happened, so we were able to get all of our belongings out of the room and away from more water damage. I’m also very thankful for our spacious home, so that we can have a place to put all this stuff that is somewhat organized, though not exactly pretty. I’m also very thankful that I hadn’t put the Christmas decorations up yet. It would have been that much more work to move all that stuff along with everything else.
Soooo. While we’re not thrilled with having a big setback with a room we just barely finished, we realize it could’ve been much worse. We’re also thankful to have some good homeowner’s insurance that will cover repair and so on. Sometimes, pooh happens, and sometimes it happens to you. It’s a part of life we all deal with. As my hubby and many close to him say, and I’ve adopted it too, “Someday, today will be a long time ago.”


5 thoughts on “Way to Usher in the Season

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