Call the Wambulance

Boy do I just wanna complain! I’m only 2 weeks into this (the morning sickness part anyways) and I’m ready to be done with it already. I just have the hardest time being nauseated 24-7. Well, okay, not 24-7, thank goodness it doesn’t bug me while I’m asleep. I was taking a vitamin B and ginger root pill that was supposed to give you some relief from the morning sickness, but truth be told, I think it was just adding to it. I didn’t take any today, and I actually felt a little better. Who knows? Bodies are so weird when they’re pregnant, well, women’s bodies, of course. 😉 Although, this is definitely one of those times I wish my husband could trade places with me, just so he could understand how I’m feeling. Just a couple hours, or a day, and there would be no need to explain to him what’s going on from there on out. Right? Probably not.
So anyways, I’m just trying to find ways to distract myself from being miserable…to combat the nausea. (Animal cookies seem to work good.) It was at this point when I was pregnant with Beau, that I thought, “I am NOT doing this again!” And that is just the way I’m feeling right now. To top it off, my hubby, who I think is enjoying torturing me, or is just oblivious (bless his heart) is talking about having four children, or more…like 8 or 10. And that’s not all! He’s saying things like, “Maybe it will be twins this time, so you’d only have to be pregnant once!” Okay…I get the sentiment, but TWINS??!!! Ack!

Okay…I feel better now. Just so you know, none of this is to be taken seriously. Caution: writing while pregnant. Ha ha ha.


3 thoughts on “Call the Wambulance

  1. Oh, congratulations!! That is happy news!

    I pray you have nominal morning sickness and a healthy baby!

    by the way, I mailed the envelope that was on my piano, since FOREVER..hehe. You should be getting it soon!

  2. haha! that is so funny… in the not so funny kind of way! actually, i was telling matt how you guys are pregnant again. about five minutes later he said, “you know, I bet kev and sarah will have like 8 kids and be cool with it.” hehe.

    there are several families in the homeschool group we were in that had 10 or more… i think the biggest family was 12. one mom. one dad. one marriage. yikes! our bodies were made for having those babies but i’m not so sure about spitting out that many on my own… one word, adoption! hehe!

    anyways, we’re super excited for you guys, i hope the morning sickness passes quickly.

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