The Hormones, they’re Affecting My Head

Well…today, I had a migraine. I can’t say I’m very surprised as obviously my hormones are a-changin’ and that’s when those things seem to make their appearance. Fortunately, it wasn’t a bad one, which is really good, because I can’t take anything to get rid of them, accept a nap. Really the most unfortunate thing about it is that is cut short my child-less, (well, sort of…) excursion out with my two sisters. And that’s that… Hopefully, there will be no more! Amen.

On a different note…yesterday, amidst all the commotion, I decided to attach a little sticky note with my name on it to my glass of water, so as to keep it out of somebody elses mouth and save it from imminent doom in the dishwasher. This morning when I woke up, the glass was still sitting right where I left it, sticky note and all, but the sticky note read this: “Sarah & ?” And so the guessing begins. Will it be a boy or a girl? I bet you can’t guess what my vote goes to 😉

I know I promised photos from Thanksgiving, but I’m not quite feeling up to the task today, and I will get them up as soon as possible…I hope tomorrow, because I’d like to see them myself, actually…


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