Blog Bible Study: Isaiah Week Three

This week the study was on Chapters 2-4, which describe how the Lord will restore Judah, or his chosen people. The Lord will do this by destroying and bringing judgement on the evil, and restoring whoever is left by calling them holy and raising them up and protecting them.

A big thing that is addressed in this chapter, one of the main causes of the evil that was happening, was pride. I wanted a clear definition of pride so I looked it up in Webster’s;

pride: (noun) an unduly high opinion of oneself; esagerated self-esteem; conceit

The study asked if I took pride in anything besides God, and if so, how do I show it?
Yes, I do, and I show it by talking about it, showing it off, and taking good care of it. It occurred to me, that if I take pride in my relationship with Lord, than I need to be doing the same things. Maybe not so much the “showing it off,” but I certainly don’t need to be hiding it and I should be talking about it and and taking care of it. One verse that struck me in regards to this:

Isaiah 2:5 “O house of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

It was interesting to me that Lord took away even the good things (Isaiah 3: 1-3) from his people, until all they had to rely on was him. One of the questions the study asked was, “What are some of your sources of support, besides the Lord?” I answered, “My husband, family, friends, blog, TV, and my job.” Then the study asked “What would happen if you lost your greatest sources of support, other than the Lord?” Something to think about… and also, how or what can I do to put my heart in the right place, so that the things I do value, won’t be taken away from me?

One thing I think it is important to remember is that even though the Lord destroyed a lot of things here, he was destroying all that was bad, and he restored what was good and made it new again.


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