Mumblings on a Monday

Just a few different things…if I remember them, that is…

I’ve been trying to knit a pair of booties…
Last night I just about finished one, or at least got to a point where I could actually see what it looked like; it was big enough to fit Drew! It was supposed to be 3-6 month size. I’m sure my yarn is a little larger than what was called for, but I think the pattern is a little screwy too. So anyways, today I bought a new knitting book that is all baby knit patterns. It has some great pics in it, and most of the patterns are labled “Easy”, including one for little booties, so hopefully I’ll have better luck with this one. There are also a lot of other very cute items in there including a teddy bear and several cute little hats and so on…so I’m excited.
I need to start a list of all the things I want to knit, so I don’t forget…it’s already a good 5-10 items long!

Well…I’m just not remembering what else it was I wanted to share…if I do, maybe I’ll come back and update, or just wait to post it until tomorrow, that is, again, if I can remember what it was that far in the future…Hee hee…


One thought on “Mumblings on a Monday

  1. When do you find time to knit? The kids don’t bother you while your doing it? Maybe if I wasn’t on this darn computer so much I’d find the time. I hope your booties turn out.

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