Blog Bible Study: Isaiah Week Two

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This week was a study on chapter one of Isaiah, which is basically an overview of the whole chapter, and after reading it and re-reading it, I realized that chapter one of Isaiah is also a pretty well defined premise of being a Christian. At the end of the study, it asked us to kind of summarize the chapter…basically put into words what you thought it meant, and this is what I wrote: “To be obediant to Him in every matter, to admit to Him our sins and stop doing them, to do all of these out of real love for Him, and to do good things out of love for Him, to stand up for what is right.”

I found that when I first read this chapter I had a pretty prideful view of myself, thinking, that I was a fairly righteous person, but through the questions asked in the book, and so on, I realized that I’m not very righteous. I have probably sinned in each and every way mentioned in the first chapter at some time or another. Granted, I have sought forgiveness for those things, but there are still things in my life that need to change. I find myself not very willing to step out of my shell and (Isaiah chapter 1:17) “learn to do good; seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the Fatherless, [and] Plead for the widow.” That is my sin. In all honesty here, I’m afraid of what doing that might mean, I’m afraid of the sacrifice it might mean, I’m having a lack of trust issue with God here. And so now, that I’ve admitted that, (I honestly feel a little lighter) I’m going to trust God to help me stop being that way. For the application of this study, I hope that out of my love for Christ, that I won’t hide what I really believe in, and that I will stand up for what is right. That I will trust in God to take care of the details and do what I need to do in order to be obediant. To reach out to those in need, and not be a hermit up in my castle.


6 thoughts on “Blog Bible Study: Isaiah Week Two

  1. Great summary. I think everyone struggles with getting out of their comfort zone to some degree. Hopefully this study will keep us thinking about taking those opportunities to reach out.

  2. Great post! Ah, being obediant, doing what is right…..What a difficult struggle for me at times. I’m ashamed to say, that even when I “know” with out doubt what the right thing would be to do…What would be pleasing in His sight, I do nothing or even the exact opposite.

    Why?! Because at the moment I want to do what “I” want to do and NOT what is right!

    The other thing is, I don’t always seek out opportunities or take advantage of the ones I’m given to share. Terrible TERRIBLE!!

    Wow, sitting here reading what I’ve written causes me great sadness, I can’t even imagine the sadnnes I’ve caused Him!

    Hm, I almost didn’t submit this comment, but anyway, there it is.

  3. I love coming to your blog because it’s very good to know other people who are searching for the truth. It inspires me to search within myself and make time for things that are REALLY important. This morning after I dropped Hailee off I went to morning mass with Gianna. I was late but I think it started my day out on the right foot. See, I could go there in the morning instead of going to Starbucks and spending $10 everyday. I think about doing good things but I rarely put it into action.

  4. Isaiah really challenges us. His words truly are the Lord’s words, and if we can understand them, if we can internalize his message…we will become more like Christ and able lead a better life. Like you said, one of the tricks is to ALLOW that to happen; to humble ourselves and do the Lord’s will, to do the things He’s asked of us…

    life’s a balancing act.
    thanks for the post!

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