Blog Bible Study: Isaiah Week One

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My first impressions of this study? Well, Isaiah is an entire book of prophecy, including prophecies during the time in which Isaiah was living and prophecies far into the future. It is a pretty foundational book as far as the Christian faith goes, and I have always been interested in studying it and getting a firmer grasp on the roots of my faith, so I’m looking forward to delving into this book a little farther. I must admit, though, at first glance, the book itself seems a little murky to me, meaning that it’s not always that easy to understand what Isaiah is referring to, or what exactly he means by what he is saying. On the other hand, some of the prophecies are very obvious, which I think is pretty cool. So I’m glad to have some other ladies partcipating as well so that, hopefully, if I don’t understand something, maybe one of the other members can shed some light. Overall, it looks like it should be a pretty good Bible study, with some deep questions and so on. Until next week…


5 thoughts on “Blog Bible Study: Isaiah Week One

  1. Isaiah is difficult to understand. He wrote in a poetic way, he didn’t usually write in sequence, and he used metaphors and similies throughout his writings. Thus it takes the spirit of the Lord to help us understand the meaning of his words. I just finished teaching the Book of Isaiah in our Gospel Doctrines class, and I have to say, through careful study and prayer, I have come to appreciate this prophet and truly have a testimony of the things he wrote. I hope you will feel the same way.

  2. Sarah – This is actually a comment in regards to your “grumpiness post”… but I wanted you to see it, so I posted here instead…

    I can totally relate to the grumpiness feeling – especially when my husband is a man who rarely frowns… though I’ve begun to feel that the more time he spends with me the more stressed/grumpy he is getting. That’s a whole other story!

    As for myself, I find the best way to combat my grumpiness is exercise. AND… when I exercise I listen to praise music, whether it is Chris Tomlin or Hillsongs or Casting Crowns. So, when I exercise, not only do I create those “endorphins” that supposedly make people happy (and I have to say that I do feel pretty awesome after exercising… tired… but awesome and proud of myself).. but I’m also connected with God. And there have definitely been times when I have wanted to scream at the top of my lungs on the treadmill how much I love Him, and others where I have wanted to get on my knees and weep because He’s connected with me through a song… it is a pretty cool feeling. I’m sure people at my gym think I’m nuts if they watch my face! haha!

    Anyway – you could try it… or something my aunt does in Bermuda, was that she often plays praise music in her kitchen in the mornings during breakfast… and it really does make for a bright and cheery morning… but I think music makes me happy… so if it doesn’t do the same thing for you, it may not work! Those are my thoughts! 🙂

  3. I haven’t been to bible study in a while. Wish I was in class with you. But anyway, I couldn’t pay attention like I should have during Isaiah because I had a bouncing baby on my lap through it. I hope though that maybe now that the kids are getting older I can go without them and REALLY pay attention. I loved going. Like you said. You feel like you need to know more and strengthen your roots :0) Good luck with it .

  4. Me love-y Isaiah. I used to favor Romans when my aunt said “Really? My favorit is Isaiah” I was surprised because I thought like you did “bla bla bla” but now that I’ve gotten to read it and study it a bit I LOVE IT! It’s SO PERSONAL! I think your in for a big treat!

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