My Family Rocks!!

Well this has been a special and wonderful trip. We are headed back home tomorrow, so you won’t hear much from me for a couple of days. We successfully accomplished what we came out here to do…and that is a relief, specifically for my hubby. He is shooting 65, 60-second inspirational spots, done by his grandmother, who is the Christian Mother Goose. Can you believe they’ve been able to get all those shoots done in two days!!??Home Studio In addition to that, he is also shooting a documentary about her life, which is pretty interesting (if you ask me.) Gramma Cheryl and I have been finding things to do with the boys while Kevin and the rest of the family produce the spots. Then we all come together in the evenings for dinner together. It has really been a lot of fun, and gone very well. Last night eating dinner, (a very yummy steak dinner prepared by Uncle Keith!)Grilling I think we were all struck by how blessed we have all been. We have a really fantastic family, on all sides. God is so good.
The Whole Family

That being said, I am getting a little homesick. I’m ready to see my mountains again- though I have been enjoying a little extra moisture in the air.


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