Growing Up

So it has been a while, and I thought I’d give a bit of an update on the Drew-man, my first baby. He’s becoming a smart little guy, more grown up every day. He is pretty much potty-trained now, with very few accidents. Though, he is still trying to make deals with me to get toys for going “poop and pee and poop and pee,” as he puts it. (He’s going to be a business man just like his dad.) We’re trying to instill in him that he needs to go, just because that is what he should do, and because he’s a “big boy” now. He has taken the “big boy” thing to heart, and is always talking about “when I be big” and “when I’m Daddy’s age.” Incidentally, according to Drew, he’ll never be my age…he’s going to go straight to Daddy’s age…Ha ha ha! A few weeks ago, I realized he has started calling me “Mom” instead of “mommy” or “momma,” and Kev, “Dad.” Oh! so grown up. I think I called my mother “mommy” until I was at the very least, in middle school. We started preschooling last week, and Drew was a little antsy at first (normal, I’m sure) but then he started to really get the hand of it and like it. We did some educational games on the laptop, and I was really surprised at how well he was able to use the mouse-pad!
It’s really neat to see how he responds to his little cousin, Zoe. He is very affectionate and gentle with her. It was pretty funny the other day she was crying and he very sweetly looked down at her and said, “Call the wambulance!” (Can you tell that is something I like to say? Ha ha ha) He is very much the oldest child, trying to keep Beau and all the other kids in line and out of harms way. He is often telling Beau not to put things in his mouth, “No, no, Beau! You’ll choke it!”
I’m really proud of how mature and compassionate he is becoming. Recently, I went through a lot of his baby pics, and I can’t believe how much he’s grown and how far we’ve come. I still find myself driving down the road thinking, “This is my life? How did I get here?”

Baby Carrot Face

Drew’s Finer Moments


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