Explanation of the Wordless Wednesday Below

Not a whole lot to explain… the Beau was eating his morning bowl of cheerios, which is always a guaranteed mess in one way or another. Some messes are just more amusing than others, like this one. Some how the cheerio managed to land smack dab in the middle of his forehead and stick there. I suspect it would have stayed there all day had I not been a good little mommy and taken it off. (Tempting…maybe next time I’ll leave it on there and see how long it lasts.) That, coupled with the fact the he has recently discovered two new orafaces on his face, and naturally has to explore with what else? His fingers…all making for a funny photo shoot, which I’m sure will some day double as some really good blackmail (Ha!) to show future girlfriends. (Cue evil laugh…)


2 thoughts on “Explanation of the Wordless Wednesday Below

  1. Just wait til he combines the two…sticking the cheerios UP his nose and getting them stuck!! Ben did that with a little plastic “B” shaped bead. It took me a while to get it out…finally realizing all I had to do was tell him to blow his nose 🙂 Whew…I couldn’t imagine having to explain THAT one to his pediatrician. lol.

    *side note* we are actually selling our house to reduce our debt. For now the plan is to rent until we have an idea of where we want to move. Right now were still aiming for Delta, but mainly we are just waiting for God to show us where he wants us…

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