About My Weekend Full of “Fun Stuff”

So yeah, normally I don’t really like to do the whole “This is what I did over the weekend” type posts, but I just had to share a little about this one…for your sakes. REALLY.

Kev and I headed over the mountains to the BIG cities for some fun, and some work, and some family visits. Kev worked a huge worship conference at New Life Church. He ran video with a group of talented videographers and had a blast doing it. On Saturday, we headed up to Kev’s Mom’s to drop off the boys so we could go catch a Mutemath show with some good buddies of ours. (Our first date in three months! We really gotta work on that!) That was one of the best parts of the weekend by far. Actually- the best part of the month! This was an incredible show, these guys are totally original and really become their music. I don’t know how else to explain it. These guys are really about to blow up, and I feel fortunate to have seen them in an intimate little theatre. All I can say is, if you’re into really good music and fabulous shows- you have to catch one of their shows!
The next day, we hung out with Kev’s mom and family, taking a very nice walk/hike in an Open Space park close to their home.All of Us Some More I had a lot of fun walking hand in hand with Drew. He is in the “why” stage, which I have found to actually be a lot more fun than annoying. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what to say, or I find myself wanting to give a humorous answer, but either way, I am enjoying having conversations with son, even if I do have to explain what horse manure is.Da Bros and an Aunt
Then we headed on home, which Kevin and I always enjoy. Driving long distances together always gives us a chance to really talk about all kinds of good stuff. (Of course, a little caffeine really helps too!) A large majority of our ground breaking conversations have happened while on the road. And of course…now that I knit, I can do that too and accomplish two things at once! Yippee!
So that concludes my weekend of “Fun Stuff,” hope y’all had good weekends as well.


3 thoughts on “About My Weekend Full of “Fun Stuff”

  1. How fun! I swear I’m going to move and become your neighbor. You guys are just too cute.

    Seth is doing the “why” thing too. This weekend he asked what poop was. When I told him he said, “well, that’s just… GROSS!” Ha ha hahaha ha! 😉

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