Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Twelve (The End!)

Well…this study is finally over. It indeed has been a long a laborious journey. While I’m really not sure it has done much for very many of the other participants, it has really been a life changing thing for me. While I don’t agree with everything I read in the book (a good thing, really) there was a lot in there that spoke directly to my heart. My relationship with Jesus is and will forever be changed in a positive way. I am now more confident with who I am as a woman, and with what my role is in life at this time. All things considered, I am glad to have stumbled across this book.
This last chapter was definitely a summing up of all the parts of the books, a send off. Here’s what we’ve talked about, now get out there and live it. It gave a lot of examples of women doing what they were called to do and resting in God with that. If I were to add my story to those examples here’s what it would say:

Sarah is an intelligent and talented woman. She is gifted in drawing, pottery, writing, singing and more. She worked hard to earn her degree in art. She could really make a great career through her skills and knowledge and ideas as an artist. But for the moment (and it is but a fleeting moment) she is sacrificing her goals and aspirations to be a mom. Not just any mom, the mom to two energetic little boys who will one day have aspirations of their own. She is giving her skills toward mothering, and teaching, and feeding and cleaning, protecting, and raising up these two little works in progress. She has often thought that a peice of art was not art unless it required your blood, sweat and tears to produce: and if that is true, then these two boys and any more children to come will be her greatest masterpeices. She recognizes her shortcomings, and failures and inabilities as a mother, but knows that through these experiences, God is working on a masterpeice of his own: Sarah. She is at rest in that where she may fail, he will not, where she falls short, he will not, where she is not able, he is. She knows that this is greater training than any college education she could ever receive. She knows that, even though she may not feel like it very often, she is right where she is supposed to be, in the highest and most important calling one could have on their life. And she is content. Content to be where she is, and doing what she is doing, happy even. Even after the hard days, where she blows her top and doesn’t get the laundry folded or the toilet scrubbed. And she knows that at some point, her role as extremely active, and all decision making, life enforcing, all powerful (ha ha ha) Mother, with slow to a drizzle and she will be free to pursue the other gifts that God has bestowed upon her, but for now, she is grateful to be chosen to do what she is doing- and oh, so thankful to have God to be her sustainer beside her along the way.


7 thoughts on “Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Twelve (The End!)

  1. I’ve come to love coming over here to read what you had to say, not just on the Captivating study but your posts in general. This was precious. How I would so love all young moms to read this, absorb it, know it. Sweet sweet post. Thanks for sharing. I finished the book and hope to get my post out Sunday.

  2. Somehow I missed the fact that you are an artist. I didn’t paint for 14 years and am now back at it and it is so much more rewarding for its absence. I truly believe God has blessed me and is pleased with my pursual of it.

  3. To all you out there who read Sarah, I hope you are inspired by her honesty and truthfulness. Sarah, you are my first born and,,, God blesses me by getting to hear how Hes working in your life—all these things are blessings to a parent.Sarah,I look up to you, i love you xoxox

  4. Hi! I am currently reading Captivating and was supposed to be meeting with the women’s group to go over it and due to my schedule was unable to meet with them 😦
    I was looking up things on the book online and came accross your blog entries, and was interested in following them as i finish the book.
    Since some of the chapters are blocked, would you be able to send me the links to them? or let me know how i can access them?

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