Ariel at 39 Weeks

Ariel at 39 Weeks

Woohoo!!! Hopefully the next pictures I will be posting are ones of Zoe’s precious little face!


14 thoughts on “Ariel at 39 Weeks

  1. oh my gosh i wish i looked that cute when i was prego!! She is going to be one of those types that walk out of the hospital looking like they were there visiting, not giving birth! Wow!

    I can’t wait to see pictures of little Zoe! EEEEKkkk!!! lol

  2. Ok… so this might sound creepy or stalkerish…

    I so want to be one of your sisters! You guys are so cute and always look like you have so much fun together. I want to be a part of it!

  3. My daughter is 38 weeks pregnant, so I look over here every week to see how your sister is coming along. Cant wait to see her new addition. She is a lovely pregnant lady. She glows.

  4. Zoe is an EXCELLENT name! But do warn your sis that Zoe is more than just a name, its a verb as my Z gal has more than proved. You don’t have to tell her that my Z painted her face with pink fingernail polish recently. 🙂

    Hope her delivery is wonderfully boring.

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