Thinking Out Loud Again…

Can you tell that I’ve finally got some time alone with my laptop? Lots of posts tonight I tell you, should make up for the lack of posts lately…and hopefully doesn’t drive you nuts.

Okay…so, getting on with it, my husband came in here and asked me a question, and I just thought I’d ask all of you to see what you had to say…here it is: “What is the most important thing I should be looking for in a band?” Now a little background, just in case you are confused. My husband is a musician, and has been a part of several bands. Currently, he is without one. Recently, we had a discussion about not settling for anything less than a perfect (or near perfect, seeing as perfection is all but attainable) fit for a band. See, we look at joining a band much like entering a marriage relationship, so it is important that the said band meets a certain amount of un-compromise-able criteria. We are just trying to get at what that criteria should be. That way, in the future, making a decision whether or not to join a band might be a little easier and more clear cut, if that makes any sense at all. So, I’m asking you, dear readers, what do you think about that? What is your input?


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Again…

  1. Wow that is so hard to answer! Making music is such a creative experience. You really have to love the people you are working with. I am a bliever that you need to love everything you do in life and in this case that would mean loving the people you play music with. But how to quanify that? How do you decide what would make that work?

    On a side note: How does one “find a new band”? Is there like people who know people who are looking for someone or what?

  2. My brother has been in and out of the same boat. Now he’s with a perfect fit for him, that lets him put family and ministry first, and it’s really taking off. I think he’d put it this way–

    Do they follow Christ or money? (What’s their motivation?)

    Does family come before band?

    Is their character solid? (lifestyle, drugs, girls, etc.)

    Do they need and value the skills you bring, and challenge you to be better?

  3. I was going to say that there is no such thning as a perfect band because it may seem perfect at first, but people are people and people change. However, I believe in what Rebecca Kerr said!! That IS perfect and you really couldn’t go wrong there.
    Issac and Jim…haha, true, true…

  4. Proud mama and mentor of many young musicians checks in to respond…..My leadership training tells me to look for the three “Cs”
    One looks for these qualities in a leader and a leader looks for these qualities in a follower.
    Christian groups are notorious for thinking character is all that matters (Character including integrity, etc.) Secular managers seem to favor competence. For myself both are non-negotiable. Ya just gotta have true blue honesty and refined skills. Now, one would think chemistry would not be as important….but, hey, what if you’ve got all the integrity in the world and everyone is highly skilled, but there is no chemistry? Relationship just doesn’t happen.
    Pray for chemistry, character, and competence all together! None is more important than the other and all are vital, essential, non negotiable.

    P.S. I know what to look for….but I too, have to ask, “how does one find a band?” Let me know, I’d still like to find one for me.

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