…and Thank You For…

So, a little background, so this actually makes sense- my husband owns and runs a recording studio, in our basement. So, from time to time, and quite frequently lately, we have whole bands coming into our home to record their album, or a song or two. Sometimes, we get pretty well acquainted with the members, and they kind of become friends. I’m especially grateful when we get a group of people who really like kids and are super nice and engaging with my sons, especially Drew. (Because he likes to go down and help daddy, and it’s good for him to have some daddy time!) Of course, let me just say that, we really have never had a group that has been unkind or didn’t like our kids, just in case you were worried. Currently, Kev is recording a punk band called Loaded 45, and they are the nice type of band who tend to dote on our kids. We like them. Nuff said.

So, now that you have the background, fast forward to last night. I went to check in on Drew after putting him to bed, to see if he was asleep yet. He wasn’t. He asked if I would pray with him again. Of course, I said yes, and sat down and started in on the prayer with him:
“Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, and thank you for Daddy, and Beau,…”
This is where Drew starts interjecting his own things he is thankful for..
“for Daddy, and Beau, and Loaded 45,…”
To which I just had to laugh! He’s such an appreciative and sensitive little guy at only 3 years old. (Of course, as I type, he tearing his Darth Tater apart…go figure.)
And for those of you who read without commenting…you know who you are…*wink*…I thought I’d mention he said thank you for “Hannah and Darin, and Miss Paula and Mr. Larry…” And also, if your name is not included in this list, don’t worry, it either was last night and I didn’t list it, because there were lots, or it has appeared at some time or another or it will very soon!


3 thoughts on “…and Thank You For…

  1. What? No. “thank you for the baket ball hoop.”
    Ha! I read it “44” instead of “45” and thought he was rhyming.

  2. Catch your drift….:) How sweet, I totally needed to hear that! I miss being around them, and you all so much, I am always afraid they are going to forget about me. However, I think Drew remembers more about our visits than I do!!
    PS….pretty sure I am comming 8/24-8/29 !!!!

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