Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Seven

This was a great chapter! Aside from that fact that I’m just a little uncomfortable at how they worded some things in this chapter (they use the word “Lover” to refer to how we should view Christ, which is not a problem in and of itself, it just has a very physical connotation in our society, therefore making the reference a little uncomfortable) I think the overall message in this chapter was a very good one. Basically what they are getting at in this chapter is to step up your relationship with Jesus, to become even more intimate and dependent upon him, to really strive to get to know him, to really be true with him, to fall deeper in love with him.
In this chapter the different types, or stages of relationship with Jesus Christ are mentioned; servant/master, sheep/shepherd, child/parent, bride/bridgroom were a few of them. This chapter really focuses on the bride/bridegroom relationship. They present it as the ultimate type of relationship you can have with God, and the type of relationship you should be striving for. One of the ways they suggest to do this is to have your daily time with him: DAILY. To not ever skip it- to show God how important he is to you by not ever sacrificing this time for lesser things. This can be a very difficult thing to do, but it is oh, so important. Truthfully, I have had a very long struggle with keeping a daily Bible reading/devotional quiet time. But a while back, a fellow blogger buddy, wrote a little post about exactly what she does in order to have her quiet time each and every day, (it was Heather, and the post was a while ago, so I’m not sure where to find it) and she made it seem so easy, and simple and matter-of-fact that I’ve been able to keep my quiet time almost every day since reading that little inspirational post, friends. (See, blogs are good for something!) So I just encourage you to do whatever it takes to have that daily meeting time with Jesus- even if you only have time to read one verse. Not only does it make a difference in your day, your relationship with Jesus will begin to grow, and you’ll find that you cannot go a day without your time with him, and you’ll hunger for that time with him. Also, start thinking about your relationship with him in that bride/bridgroom respect. How is it like that type of relationship? How is it not? What about your relationship needs to change?


7 thoughts on “Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Seven

  1. I think that the lover/beloved relationship was intended to have sexual overtones, because the Hebrews (and later the Jews) were so very free with sexual expression in marriage. I don’t think they would find it at all unnatural to include it in their understanding of God. God used sexual references to demonstrate loyalty, love, and betrayal (such as in Hosea, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, and the New Testament too) between Himself and His people. It’s become so tainted in our culture that it seems wrong to associate ideas about sex with ideas about God. That’s really sad.

    One other thought– I never really noticed before, until I read your post just now, how much my current stage of life affected my view of Christ, especially as bridegroom. That was such a precious relationship to me when I was single and in college, and I revelled in it. Then when I got married, it got skewed, as Jason and I tried and failed to adjust to one another. I lost that picture altogether after the twins were born, when my marriage almost fell apart. And now that our relationship is healthy and becoming more and more spiritually sound, I’m starting to get a clearer image of that relationship with Christ. I miss that intimacy that I had with Him when I was single and singularly-minded, but it’s something to cultivate and get a deeper understanding of now. This post makes me want to go back to having ‘dates’ with God much more faithfully. Thanks so much for that.

  2. Ok – so I don’t have my post up yet. I’m not done reading the chapter (shhhhush! don’t tell). It’s been crazy around here with all the sickness and all.

    Anyway, I’m so happy for you. I’m glad you’re finding that quiet time everyday. It’s amazing when you make time for it, it becomes a habbit – and then when you miss a day you REALLY miss it.

  3. I still struggle daily with my ability to stop and make time for God. I know it’s NEEDED…just like food and water, but for some reason, I can’t get diciplined! Thanks for the encouragement! If you can do it with 2 kiddos, I have no excuse!

  4. I haven’t posted my Captivating chapter yet, but I did read it yesterday.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m impressed that you noticed the wine frige (sp). My husband and I are foodies and love wine…an expensive thing.

  5. Oh, I enjoyed this chapter too! But beware . .. I used the word “orgasmic” to describe the passion for my Jesus. . . . .eh – but I see you’ve already stopped by *(embarassed) he he he*

  6. Hi Sarah! I enjoyed your post! I especially liked how you emphasized the part about spending time with God daily. I totally agree with you! Sometimes it’s hard for me to do that, but I know in my heart how much it sustains me spiritually.


  7. I really liked reading your take on the whole lover/bride/bridegroom thing. Glad to see someone else struggled with it. It felt weird to me and I wondered if I was the only one.

    I’m determined to dig through Heathers blog to find her tips on quiet time, or quite possibly I can just leave a comment on her most recent post and maybe she can tell me where to go. I’ve been lately thinking of revamping my devotional time and would love to know what she has to say about it. Thanks.

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