Just a Few Things

I don’t have much to say today. I wish I had some thought-provoking or interesting post, but I do not. I have much cleaning and mothering to do today…and many thoughts swirling around my head that I’d like to write out…but not the time today. Hopefully, sometime in the near future I’ll have some time to sit down and get them out.

Kevin and I had a wonderful time last night celebrating his birthday. My mother came and watched the boys, and we headed out for a drive over some beautiful country in our area, watching a spectacular lightning show along the way. It was good to get out with just my hubby and reflect on our lives and how much God has blessed us. I’m turning 27 over the weekend! I don’t feel that old, I feel like I’m 19 or 20, really…

In other news, my mom is doing rather well with her MS treatment. She is starting to feel pretty good and get her energy back. She has been seeing some very helpful doctors who have helped to get her on the right track for what I hope will be some pretty significant, if not full healing. I’m very proud of her, she has a really good attitude, even through her struggles: and I can see how this is making her a stronger person already. I love you mom!!

Anyways…that is all for now, I guess I had more to say than I thought 🙂


5 thoughts on “Just a Few Things

  1. Sarah, Thank you, I have alot to be thankful for,I also have alot to be motivated about to be well for,all of my daughters and your husbands and my wonderful grandchildren and husband are an inspiration to me plus a motivation to me to do my best,as a mother I still have a job to do,and it is important to me to still be a possitive example to you all.I am very proud of you all,and recognize and acknowledge Gods great hand of blessing on us all,Love,Mom

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