Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Four

I have to say that after reading this chapter, I feel a little hopeless. Talking about the wounds we have received and others have received and worse, the wounds to come, is a bit of a bummer. Although, I know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and I’m pretty John and Stasi are leading up to something good.

I am not one who has experienced some terrible gut-wrenching blows as a child from her parents or anything. I don’t think of myself as wounded, or that my actions are a result of being wounded. I do know that I have been wounded, but not terribly, most occuring in my middle school (I really think middle school was conceived by the devil…ha ha) and high school years, most of them from other students, and many of them from other girls. After discussing this with my local small group that is doing this study- we just determined that girls often deliver the nastiest blows, because they know exactly how to cut to the heart of a woman (or a girl.)

As for me and my past “wounds” I feel like a lot of them were the result of my own actions and poor decision making. Where I stand now, I feel like God has completely healed me from them. Sometimes I remember back- and, sure, I wish I could change the decisions I made, but I wouldn’t change the lessons that I learned from them.

Something else that I thought about with this chapter- is what if I was one of the nasty girls that delivered some blows? I can think of a few things I did when I was younger that I’m sure contributed to some other womens wounds. All I can say, is I may not be able to stop people from trying to wound me, but I can stop myself from wounding someone else. And I sure hope I haven’t inadvertantly delivered some wounds without knowing it. (If I have, I repent!)

Overall, that was about it for me with this chapter- little relating- but in this case, I think that is a good thing. I know God is at work in my life and has repaired me in a lot of cases, and I am so thankful to Him for that!


5 thoughts on “Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Four

  1. You are right. I have probably contributed to others wounds, and I must make sure that I don’t do that in the future! Great observation! Thanks for stopping by my space.

    Melissa tagged me, so now I am tagging you. Go to my blog and check it out. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! Take care! :)Kelli

  2. This book sounds emotionally draining! I have been deep in thought and emotion lately anyway and this has given me even more to mull over. I’m exhausted but I know God is working in me… At least I hope.

  3. That’s a good point, Sarah–I wonder how many wounds I’ve dealt out? Thank God for His grace. I think I’d crumble under the weight of all the terrible things I’ve done.


  4. Yeah! The devil definetely came up with middle school. Middle school was bad for every girl I’ve ever met. I’m working with a girl that is in counseling because of some of the things that happened. She said the girls in “Mean Girls” were nice compared to the girls she had to deal with. How awful! I totally agree with you. I hope I never inadvertantly delivered any wounds.

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