Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Two

I really, really love this chapter, it is such a confidence booster for me, and it makes me
feel so important as a woman. I love how this chapter outlines the characteristics of
women as an insight into the character of God.

The artist in me also loves what this chapter had to say about the importance of beauty. I
have always known that beauty and art are important, but I could never explain why. And
this little sentence really clicked for me, “Nature is not primarily functional. Nature is
primarily beautiful.” That so resonates with me. It gives a lot of importance to my role not
only as a woman but as an artist. An artist who is constantly questioning why God gave
her these gifts and what she is supposed to do with them. Unveil beauty. That is what I
am supposed to do with them. That is my primary function as an artist.

This chapter has so much meat in it (at least for me) that I think I need to read it,
everytime I’m questioning what it is to be a woman, or feeling less than confident in my
role as one.

If this study is sounding more and more interesting to you, please feel free to join us- we welcome all newcomers at any time. We only ask that you catch up with us. To join just click on the link below. You can also read other participants responses by clicking on any of the names that follow.


6 thoughts on “Captivating Online Bible Study, Chapter Two

  1. I actually thought of you and your art work when I read about the “mass of clay, a rough sketch…….” and how “the Creator works in large, sweeping movements……”

    What an awesome way to identify with this chapter. First as a woman but then an artist.

    What your minds eye must have seen. WOW!!

  2. I’m so glad it’s speaking to you this way! And how neat that your artist’s sensibilities are really resonating with this chapter. I also liked how the chapter talked about nature being beautiful, because it’s not something I really paid much attention to before.


  3. I’ve been thinking about the relationship between creativity and God lately too. I’m starting to see the connection– that we were created to be reflections of God, bearing His image, and part of God’s nature is creativity. It’s innate in our reflection of Him to take joy in creating beauty.

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