Well, this week is my vacation- but instead of going somewhere, we’re staying right here in town. It’s a whole lot less expensive. So far, we’ve gone shopping and I got a cute pair of pink Converse All Stars for about 75% off! (See, less expensive!) I’m not sure what we’re doing the rest of the week, we’ve just got a whole lot of fun on the schedule. I’m hoping to take in a movie with Drew, (he’s never been to the theatre before) maybe go on a hike or bikeride, have a date with my hubby, the Farmers Market, maybe take in some things my town has to offer that I haven’t before. I’m hoping to sleep in at least one day. Should be interesting…

What are y’all doin’ for a vacation this summer?


7 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I’m in Corolla, NC right now – but it’s not expensive because my parents rent the house. Usually we stay home or take day trips, too. Some people think that’s not very exciting but I try to remember that, no matter where you live, usually there is somewhere close by that tourists travel far and wide to come see – and you’re lucky enough to visit for one day and go back home 🙂

  2. We did the exact same thing last week on our vacation. It was heaven. We didn’t have to ride a long way in a car with the kids. Everyone slept in their own room at night (I don’t like to sleep in a hotel room with kids. If one’s awake, they all are.) We had such a great time, just hanging together, we were sad to see it end.

    Have a great time. And I’m jealous of the converse deal. So are they high top, slip on, or the one’s with no shoe strings?

  3. How cool! We’re heading down to Ojai for a couple of weeks (where we moved from, and where my parents live) to do typical Ojai stuff like the park and ice cream and the art walk and 4th of July. It’s fun to hang out with family and church and friends and get way too hot. We might go to the beach if I’m feeling brave. Have lots of fun!

  4. Very good for you! It is wonderul that you are getting that opportunity. Us, vacation? I am thinking we are needing to work on getting a date night, to begin with! Then we’ll work on bigger things. Actually, we were hoping to see some family in San Antonio soon. We can turn that trip (whenever it happens) into a vacation. San Antonio has the very cool riverwalk! Sounds like a plan!

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