The Priceless Kid

Tonight when I got home from my pottery class, I was chatting with Kevin when I heard a familiar sound. It was Drew’s door opening, and a little voice saying “Hi, Momma.” He was supposed to be asleep, so I went in to kiss him goodnight and put him back to bed, and Kev came in behind me to see what was up. Then Drew informed us that he was hungry. Kev and I talked back and forth about how to address the situation. Should we let him eat something little, or should we enforce that he needs to eat his dinner when it’s put in front of him, and so on. We were sitting on the edge of Drew’s bed having this discussion, trying to kind of keep it between just the two of us. We decided that Drew had eaten most of his dinner and was probably hungry from jumping on the tramp and running around after dinner. I told Kevin I was going to make a bowl of popcorn for myself and that’s when our little eavesdropper piped up, “OH! POPCORN! That would be COOL!” Needless to say, both Kev and I just started laughing. Then we explained to him that just tonight, he could come and eat popcorn, and not to expect to be able to do this every night from here on out, and that he needed to eat his dinner when we gave it to him. He responded with an “Ooooh, ” and then a little burp. Priceless, I tell you.


3 thoughts on “The Priceless Kid

  1. I am guessing that Drew is about the age of 6. I say this because my son does the exact…I do mean exact same thing. Not often, but sometimes. And it is always him not his sisters. You’d think he was a bottomless pit…maybe just a growth spurt? Who knows? How fun for him, I think it is ok every once in a blue moon to break our own rules. It’s good for making special memories.

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