Monkey Jr.

Today after I changed Beau’s dirty diaper, I let him run around for a little bit bottomless. I’ve been trying to encourage him to use the potty whenever I can in hopes that the whole potty-training experience might be a little easier with him. And today was no exception, so we went into the bathroom and I had him sit on his little potty, and then I left him there to go running out to the kitchen to do something quickly. I wasn’t out of the bathroom long, and went go back and check on him, and this is what I discovered:

Who's in the Sink?
Yes, that’s Beau sitting in the bathroom sink, just in case it wasn’t clear. Of course the first thing that ran through my head was “This is great blog material!” Then all the other thoughts surfaced. “If he can get up there, he can get anywhere. Omigosh, I’m going to have to watch him like a hawk. I’m in trouble now. How on earth DID he get up there?”
So I took him out of the sink and placed him on the stool to see if he would re-enact the crime, and the helpful (and ignorantly blissful) little guy did. He just grabbed onto the counter, stuck his toes on the top of the closed cupboard door and pulled and pushed himself up the rest of the way with sheer muscle power!

How did he get up there?

I guess I have only myself to blame, not only for leaving him in the bathroom long enough to complete the physical fete, but also for the genetics. There was a reason my parents called me “Monkey” when I was his age.


10 thoughts on “Monkey Jr.

  1. OH. MY. MAN. That is hysterical! I love him sitting in the second shot….it’s SO great.

    It’s amazing what they can do, huh?

    I remember once Mina was in an walker and Michale was with her GATED in the living room. Having two kids that age (9 months and 2 and a half) my alone time with the Hubbs was RARE so we found ourselves in the shower….a quick event all the way around, lol! Anyway, we get out and Mina is NOT in the walker….she is out sitting by her brother. To this day, we have NO idea how it happened. We asked Michael to try and lift her out after putting her back in…..and could NOT move her.

    That will remain one of the mysteries in our house, lol!

    I know, I’ve rambled but your post SO reminded me of the that….gosh it’s been 5 years ago already.

  2. Your new design looks so good! Love the cartoon header. And wordpress is soooo tempting…. esp. the categories, how I long for categories.

    Beau is looking so grown up!! What a monkey.

  3. Yes, it is the age of mystery! Great Uncle S did that same thing at the same age. Problem: it was a wall mount sink, vintage 40s -50s and Beau’s Great Grandma still does not know how S got there!

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