Welcome to the New Digs

This is the new place! Have a look around and make yourself comfortable. Allison has graciously and totally helped me out with the entire thing, seeing that she is talented in the website building arts, and I am not. However, I did draw my little cartoon self-portrait and I picked out my template. That counts for something right? Aside from all that, a hearty thank you goes out to Allison and her hubby, whom without this here page wouldn’t be up and running, or look so nice. You two rock!
There's no mess with this type of construction


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Digs

  1. Niiice new viewage! I Dig Da Digz. Sorry we missed you guys when we were in town. Tell Kev I say whusuuup and I’m totally jealous that he and Jim have been playing again without me and they are not allowed to do it again until SMA is recording a new album (come on, you KNOW it’ll happen eventually) and if they do end up playing without me they MUST put a life-size cardboard cutout of me directly in front of whoever their new bass player is. But they’ll have to make the cutout a little taller than the real me because the new bass player will probably be taller than me. Heck, 5th graders are taller than me. But anyway – LOVE THE NEW SITE! -Later

  2. Aawweee — girlfriend — you did good! Love your new look. And, I love how everyone is jumping on the “new spring dress” for their blogs!

    Now, I need to figure out how to get my OWN website with my OWN design! HEHE!

  3. Hey! Awesome site Sarah, you rock! I love the picture you drew its great! Well I will see you soon im sure so we can talk more then. Love ya 😉

  4. I just found your site! AWESOME design! 🙂

    If you stop by my blog anytime soon…you’ll see my kids in the adventure of planting their very first vegetable garden and hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to post them planting their own flowers too!!! LOL
    Hope that you can find the time to come by my blog site and please post a comment when you do…I like for those who visit my site to let me know they’ve been there (you will need to 1. register (FREE), on the right side of my site before you post…this is just to make your visits more personalized, etc. and then 2. click “Leave Your Comments” back at the regular part of my site on any comments that interests you, and then 3. “Post Reply” once the comments page comes up and type your comment).

    I’ll try to visit your site regularly and hope that you visit mine as well! God Bless!

  5. I tried to comment on the above post but couldn’t find a place to write my comment. I totally trained my son by letting him go bottomless. LOL…. anything else felt too “safe” for him.

  6. I love the new site! very bright and cheerful, very clean. You’re lucky to have someone to help you put together such a nice package. And I didn’t know you were such a telented artist!

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