Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s my dad’s birthday today!
Things I love about my dad:
1. He’s one good lookin’ Pa Pa.
2. He’s one of the hardest and most diligent workers I know.
3. He’s always put his family first.
4. He plays the guitar and sings very well.
5. He made it to almost all of my soccer games, (what little number there were of them, it still meant a lot to me.)
6. He was always very supportive of any endevor of ours.
7. He threatened to break some jerk’s arm for me once. (That’s kind of a funny story, I’ll have to share sometime.)
8. He really loves my mom, and takes such good care of her.
9. He’s got a quiet, but great sense of humor that will really take you by surprise.
10. He’s very mellow.
11. He fell asleep in the car a lot when I was learning how to drive. (This was a GOOD thing.)
12. He used to scare us girls after we were put to bed with his evil laugh, you know, the “BWA HA HA HA HA HA!” We always thought that was fun.
13. He’s a prayer warrior, and a spring of wisdom.
14. He’s modest.
15. He can ski, snowboard, and telemark like nobody’s business.
16. He loves his grandsons.
17. He’s very sensible and down to earth.
18. He’s a Star Trekkie.
19. He always shared his plumb candy with me on the ski lift.
20. He said “yes” when Kevin asked him if he could marry me. ; )
21. And so so much more…

I love you Dad, you really are the best of the best!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. By the looks of that list, he really is the best of the best. I really feel my Dad is one of those too.

    Aren’t Dad’s the best?

    Happy Birthday Dad and God Bless!!

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