A Perfect Day in the Life of Me

Well, I’d have to say that today was pretty close to a perfect day for me. I’m trying to relish every last moment of it, because they don’t happen that often. Woke up this morning and chose to hold my temper with the kids which proved to improve my mood one hundred fold, (imagine that!) not to mention, the improvement in their behavior. (I knew those two things were connected…) Then I got to go to lunch, sans children, with a good friend of mine. Then we hung around at her place, where she helped me out with some new blog stuff. (Stay tuned for that, I’m really excited about it! Yay!) Then I drove the boys home. Nursed Beau to sleep and he actually stayed asleep. Then I thought it’d be a good idea to clean the bathrooms, so I started on them. Just as I was starting in, you know who started crying. I decided to finish at least the toilet, since I was knee deep in it already. I could hear Drew talking to him, and pretty soon, Drew came sauntering into the bathroom.
“Is Beau crying?” I asked him.
“Yeah,” he said, “I give him his drink.”
“Oh, did he stop crying then?”
“Uh huh.”

So I decided to put in a movie for Drew and go check on Beau, sure enough he’d went right back to sleep. Just in case, you didn’t notice: DREW PUT BEAU BACK TO SLEEP!

Then as if my kids were not already precious enough today, I came out from cleaning the rest of the bathroom and Drew was fast asleep on my bed. So cute! So I went on to clean the other bathroom, and then finish folding some laundry. (Some of you may wonder how these tasks possibly have part in the perfect day…accomplishing things like these just make me feel so on top of it…a rare thing…especially the bathrooms!)

Then hubby came home and actually genuinely wanted to know about my day…so naturally, I told him. Then it was off to pottery class where I finished up four mugs, and successfully threw a large bowl. (My arms are really going to hurt tomorrow though, that was a huge slab of clay!) Then I cam home, and nursed my little Beau right to sleep again, only with a little crying, and now I’m posting this here post…so that was my day. Not too shabby. Tomorrow it’s off to celebrate my dad’s birthday which I almost forgot! Happy birthday DAD! Love you!


7 thoughts on “A Perfect Day in the Life of Me

  1. Glad it was a good day. And I LOVE it when my oldest takes care of the younger ones…such a blessing!

    btw, I forget my dad’s birthday every year! I remember by father’s day (a couple weeks too late)…he just comes to expect it now! LOL. Happy Birthday Sarah Grace’s Dad!

  2. As we say in this neck of the woods… That’s freakin’ awesome! I love it when they nap at the same time and I get stuff done. And I’m really envious of the pottery classes. I may have to sign up for one. But I’m really notorious for refusing to try things I’m not already good at. I just love hand-made pottery!

  3. You’ve gotta have those perfect days (even though they seem to get fewer and further between) to fuel you up, don’t you?

    When I get a bit down about the lack of these, I remind myself that pre-kids I certainly never appreciated them as much. Now I am a perfect-day SAVOURER!!!

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