Weekend Trip

Well, last weekend was fun. The whole family trekked over the mountains to go see my MIL graduate from college. Congrats Mom Cherry! (Am I allowed to post a picture of you?) Afterwards, we headed up to the cabin for a graduation party and a family reunion of sorts. We all had fun jamming on instruments and singing songs together. Although, I mostly chased Beau around all day, being his “damage control.”
Kevin and I stayed at my cousins house, and her kids have hamsters. (Do you see where this story is going?) So I picked one up, and naturally, Beau wanted to see the thing up close and personal. Before I knew what was happening, (he is lightening quick, I tell you) he was squeezing the tar out of the thing’s rear end, and it promptly let out a scream like you’ve never heard a hamster scream before, and then it bit him. Beau didn’t even cry. His face showed only a second of surprise, and then he was onto another thing. But boy did he bleed! We were a little concerned at first that the hamster might be carrying some sort of disease. After hearing that it had bit one of my cousins kids, and she wasn’t walking around foaming at the mouth, we assumed he’d be just fine. We dissinfected him, bandaged him up and he was good to go.
The night we got there we headed over to a Tex/Mex restaurant where we became one family’s source of entertainment for the evening. The first thing they said when we sat down was, “Where’d the blonde hair come from? The milkman?” Then they proceeded to laugh wholeheartedly as well when they watched Drew take the top off of a pepper shaker and dump half of it into our chips…

We had fun on the way home too. I slept most of the way, arguably the only sleep I got on the trip, ha ha. The best part was stopping at a DQ and getting everyone some cherry dipped cones.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Trip

  1. Cherry dip? I’ve never heard of it. Hum… that’s something I’ve got to try.

    Congrats to the MIL!

    And don’t squeeze hamster butt. šŸ™‚ LOL

  2. I just love it when people ask about the blonde hair and then go straight to the milkman/mailman comment. Lovely. I know we’re not supposed to say stupid so don’t tell Drew….but some people just are!

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