From the Mouth of Drew

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

“That’s not nice, honey. We don’t say things like that to anyone, and especially not Beau. Beau is not stupid and you are not stupid. Do you understand?”


“Where did you hear that anyways?”


(And I thought I was letting my children watch appropriate TV programming!)

…and on another note…

“Gawilla, gawilla, gawilla!”

“Drew, say Grrrrr!”


“Now say rilla.”


“Say Grrrr-rilla!”



8 thoughts on “From the Mouth of Drew

  1. that is so funny.

    the things my son says – oh my. (he is four)

    found you through Kisses of Sunshine – clicked on you on her blog roll cause I loved your title so mcu – i had to check you out!LOL

    So nice to meet you!

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