A Crazy Week

Well, this has been one crazy week. Let me give you a little update on everything. I decided not to continue teaching after last week. I really enjoyed teaching, and if anything, I know that I can do it now, however, after talking with my dear hubby, we both came to the same conclusion: we were dreading the next three weeks of me being gone. After talking with my mom about the job and so on, she decided she wouldn’t be going back either. We both think it will be best for her to take a good chunk of time off and focus on herself, and my dad, and getting well. So I also thought it would be better for the kids if they have the same teacher for the rest of the year. I may go back to finish at least one project with the seventh graders though. They were really excited about the claymation project, and so was I, so I’d really like to be able to finish it with them.
It turned out to be a really good thing I decided to not continue the teaching thing, because (and unfortunately) it turned out that my mom was needed down here this week. My poor grandma needed her care after taking a spill last Friday night and spiral fracturing her pinky toe, chipping her ankle bone, possibly seperating a rib, and getting a bruise and bump the size of Manhattan on her fluffy white-headed noggin. Needless to say, this was pretty stressful for all involved (and let me say, the receptionist at the ER didn’t make it any easier for us.) Yesterday, my body had apparently had enough of all my internalized stress, and forced me to lay down with a migraine.
Today I feel much better and much less stressed. My grandma is doing very well, and we will all be helping her out with what is beyond her reach. My mom is headed home to my dad. And I get to hang out with my best bud tonight and watch a chick flick.
All has been crazy, but all is well, and will be well, even if a little rain falls here and there. However, if next week even remotely begins to resemble the craziness of this week: I’m going on vacation!


3 thoughts on “A Crazy Week

  1. Ah, Sarah, your good decisions have been divinely ordered! May God bless you and your mom and various family members with extra stamina.

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