Dear Beau,

I cut your hair today. All your golden curls are now gone, and you look more like a little boy than ever. The only thing holding you back in babyhood world, are your gorgeous chubby cheeks. Those seem to be diminishing ever so slightly too. Your neck is getting longer, your mouth is getting full of teeth. Each day you learn a new word. As I sat and looked at your sleeping face today, lost in dreams of mama’s warm milk, I missed seeing your beautiful curls on my arm. I did not want to cut them, but your father has mentioned it so many times, I thought it might be a good idea. Looking at the ratted mess on the back of your head this morning sealed the deal, and I got the clippers out. Now I’m cursing myself for ushering you into boyhood a bit too soon, just by clipping your hair. Watching you and Drew grow up is such a bittersweet thing. I wish I could keep you young forever, but I am excited to see what the future brings for each of you. What kind of things will you be passionate about? Who will you emulate? What will you look like? What will you become? Who will you marry?I promise you both, I will enjoy and relish every moment of your growing up, because it goes much too quickly.
I love you both so much. You have brought such light into my life.


6 thoughts on “Dear Beau,

  1. He looks so handsome. Our time is coming too..not so much curls anymore but like you said a big ratted mess. It’ll be a bittersweet day around here too when that happens.

  2. Ah, he’s such a sweetie boy, love those cheeks. His haircut looks good! I want to cry every time I think about cutting Pearl’s, even though she’s getting scraggily in back and could use it…

  3. Awwww…haircuts are so fun and a little bit sentimental! I just buzzed my almost 2 year old’s hair for the first time. We’ve had it trimmed before, but it hasn’t been this short since he was about 3 months old! I like it, but it definitely took some getting used to…

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