Second Day and Fire Poop

Okay, so the second day wasn’t so bad either. I had the fifth graders and the second graders today, and they were a little more testy than the students yesterday, but overall no serious problems. I’m getting a little bit better about asserting myself as well, and expect more improvements in the near future. Tomorrow is the biggest day of the week, with four classes taking up the entire day. Then I drive back home to my hubby! Yay!
Let’s hope that Beau doesn’t wake up the whole house at three in the morning again, like he did last night. Poor little guy, was really upset and I couldn’t get him to go back to sleep for anything. I was freaking out because I wanted to get some sleep and because I knew he was waking up everyone else in the house. After several minutes of crying, “Pfffffffrrrrrbbbbtttt!” Yeah, he pooped, and we were fine. I have this terrible addiction to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos you see, and Beau likes them too, so last night we had a few. So when my mom said to my dad, at 3 in the morn- “What the heck is going on up there?!” My dad aptly replied, “Maybe he’s having a flaming hot poo…” To some extent, I’d say he was right. But we got back to sleep, and we’ve had no cheetos tonight, so hopefully we be able to all sleep peacefully…

Tomorrow I get my highspeed internet back! Not to mention, my Mac……
Until then!


4 thoughts on “Second Day and Fire Poop

  1. Hubby used to joke about the Johnny Cash song, The Ring of Fire whenever that phenom occurred. BUT it’s no laughing matter at 3AM. We had to ban orange juice at our house for the same reason.

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